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S.W. Lothian is an Australian author. His books are packed full of edge-of-your-seat adventure and loads of humour, and have proved to be a hit with readers aged 10 to 100. They follow the adventures of a great cast of teen characters who find themselves smack-bang in the middle of extraordinary situations.

There’s always heaps of action, thrills and mysteries. The stories allow teens to escape to places they’d love to go and for older readers to remember the days when they dreamed of great adventures.

The QUEST Series is a time-travel adventure where some ordinary teens find themselves thrust back in time to ancient Egypt. It’s a heart pumping thrill ride that’s full of great settings, traps and an army of bad guys.

Q1 paperbackbookstanding 2014The Golden Scarab (Quest #1)

A chance encounter with a mummy at a museum sends 12 year old JJ and his friend Linc back in time to ancient Egypt. It’s up to them track down the mysterious Golden Scarab and save Egypt from disaster. But they better watch out for the Uberdiles who are determined to stop them.

The Cursed Nile (Q2 paperbackbookstanding 2014Quest #2)

JJ, Linc and a Rani are called back to ancient Egypt to solve the mystery of the cursed Nile. Someone has an old score to settle and it’s a race against time to set things right. In order to save the past, they’ll need to go back to the future.

Q3 paperbackbookstanding 2014The Fallen Pharaoh (Quest #3)

The royals of ancient Egypt are in trouble and they call on the only ones they can trust. JJ, Linc and Rani must find the one thing that can protect the Pharaoh. This thrilling adventure spans the breadth of time, from ancient Egypt to modern Paris.

shutterstock_113873107The Missing Link (Quest #4)

The final book in the Quest series is currently underway. Keep your eyes peeled for an amazing, exciting, thrilling, brilliant climax to this popular series.

Release is due in 2015.

TIME SQUARE is the latest new series from S.W. Lothian. This series takes time-travel to a whole new level.  Join Eva and Lewis Hudson, Razer Sharpe and Max Wells on a roller-coaster ride of action and thrills that will get your heart pumping. But take note, you’ll also be laughing your way through these adventures. TIME SQUARE is full of quirky characters that are sure to make you LOL. You’ve been warned.

TS1 - paperbackbookstandingTIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT
(Time Square #1)

Dr Rex Hudson’s thrilling discovery of an ancient relic brings more than he bargained for. Along with his teen twins, Eva and Lewis, he suddenly finds himself trapped in a place full of quirky characters and impending doom. This funny but thrilling adventure will have you laughing and excited at the same time.

(Time Square #2)

A traveller has gone missing and it’s up to Team ELMR to rescue him. The trouble is, he’s in Roswell. 1947 to be exact.

Eva, Lewis, Max and Razer find themselves right in the middle of a major UFO event. It’s a recipe for disaster.  Due in Oct 2014.

(Time Square #3)

Another brilliant mission for Team ELMR is due in 2015.



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