Woo Hoo ! Now in paperback too!

This is just a quick post which is unashamedly a plug for my book.  As mentioned in an earlier post I have invented a new idea – the paperback book.

“It is revolutionary.  It has a sturdy glossy colorful cover that hugs 220 pages made from paper, keeping them all in the right order – this is a very important feature that will assist those who read it.  It weighs something and I can even turn it over and look at the back cover – yes, you did read that, it has a back cover which is as equally sturdy and glossy and colorful as the front cover.  This book has also been specially designed so that it can stand upright on a bookshelf.  Once you have more than one they can stand next to each other with the name of the book showing on its spine.”

Quest One. The Golden Scarab - Paperback edition

Now, behold the wonder of my invention and calm down …… you will pass out if you let your excitement continue to build up ……. yes, you are right …… that’s exactly what I’m saying – The paperback book is now available at Amazon.

Now that you have heard the news I’m sure that you can’t wait to click on the link to join the quest.

 For your own health and well-being I suggest you click below immediately – it’s the fair thing to do for your heart’s sake.

Paperback link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/1469989123/
(my new invention)

Kindle e-book link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006X00KVA/
(for those who prefer an e-book)

PS. I’m still looking for ‘Word of Mouth’ so if you see him/her please let them know I have a job for them.

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