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***** 5 StarsNonstop Action-Packed Adventure in a Distant Time and PlaceThe Golden Scarab

March 19, 2012
By laurie cameron
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This review is from:
Quest One. The Golden Scarab (The Quest Series) (Paperback)

It all begins when JJ visits the Egyptian exhibit at the museum where his father works. That’s where he meets Anubis, a statue tasked with the protection of the mummy on display. Anubis needs JJ’s help to set things right in ancient Egypt where the evil God Seth is upsetting the balance of power. But JJ mustn’t go alone, so he recruits his best friend, Linc, to come along. Linc and JJ meet up with another recruit, a girl by the name of Rani, and the three of them set off to recover a golden scarab which, when delivered into the right hands, will thwart Seth and his wicked Uberdiles.

The three heroes encounter one peril after another on their quest to find the scarab in this amazingly imaginative tale. Lothian writes with vivid detail and a delightful sense of humor. Due to its verbosity (it is longer than the typical middle grade read), I would recommend this book for advanced middle grade readers.

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