Quest One: The Golden Scarab – Book Trailer

Quest One. The Golden Scarab – Book Trailer

11 thoughts on “Quest One: The Golden Scarab – Book Trailer

      1. I have one suggestion. Lengthen the time on the frames with the name of your book and where to find it. It was a little too quick to catch those two important pieces of info. Unsolicited suggestions are my specialty. Feel free to ignore it. LOL! Great job for your first trailer. What ap did you use?


      2. Hi, I’ve been trying to set it to stop on last frame but YouTube has a mind of its own. I’ll adjust vid as u suggested. I used Pinnacle software Cheers.


  1. I forgot to adjust my volume and this just blasted me. The music was so good I left it up. Now I am pumped up to read this. Wonderful trailer and your book sounds really fun. Adding it to my wish list:) Thanks for the fun post.
    laura thomas


    1. Thanks Laura, I have to say I loved the music as soon as I heard it too.
      I’m eager to see what you think when you read it.
      I’m sure you’ll love it.


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