Awesome new invention – A bookmark for Questers

Original bookmark
Original bookmark - Patent pending

My daughter came up to me the other day and told me that she had made me a present.  As a dad this is something that I love about having kids.  It’s one of those great moments when they randomly take the time to create something for you.  It means so much more than getting something from a shop.

She had been busily (and secretly) creating a picture of my book and once she’d drawn it and colored it in, she carefully cut it out and announced that it was a bookmark! …. I was so glad to get it that I now use the original for the book that I’m reading.

I know you are probably jealous of it but that’s the way life goes.  Some of us get good things and some of us don’t.

So I decided that I should build on my daughter’s brilliant idea and invent a bookmark for my readers (or Questers as I like to call them).  I have to say that this is the most amazing thing ever created since my own previously reported radical idea of a paperback book – see an earlier post for more astounding details.

The Questers bookmark has a state-of-the-art high-tech design which makes it so thin it can fit in between the pages of a closed book.  The most amazing part is that it reminds you which page you are up to the next time that you pick up the book.  Whoa … now I bet you need to sit down after reading that.

My daughter has had some brilliant ideas, but this has to be one of her best so far.  Another benefit is that to use a bookmark you don’t need any training.  It’s as simple as saving the bookmark/s (shown below) and then printing it on some white paper.  Once you have done this it is a simple task to cut it out (carefully without cutting onto the picture or your fingers) …. once you have cut all the white bits off the paper you are done.  And best of all, while you have been cutting you are also downloading the knowledge of how to use the bookmark. That’s correct, you’ll know exactly how to use it without any special training.

Go on, give a try and let me know how you go.

Bookmark - Quest One. The Golden Scarab                       Bookmark - Quest Two. The Cursed Nile

Important Disclaimer: I must inform you that this invention has a patent pending and my daughter and I are the sole inventors (and soon to be patent owners) of this new technology.  This bookmark has not been tested on a Kindle, iPad or other reading devices.  Any injuries arising from misuse of this bookmark are the responsibility of the injured party.

8 thoughts on “Awesome new invention – A bookmark for Questers

  1. Not only am I jealous of the bookmark’s artwork and beautiful style. I am also feeling down because I didnt’ think of using it to mark my place in a book. 🙂


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