Where does ‘word of mouth’ hang out?

I thought it was time to revisit this earlier post, update it and send it on out
just incase Word of Mouth reads it.

Word of Mouth
Is this Word of Mouth?

As a new blogger I need to try to think of things that would be interesting to others in a blog. Now I know I’m not the first to have this question, and I won’t be the last. Many blogs that I’ve read have subjects that are so interesting I’m in awe of how they decided that was a good thing to share. Then again, there are some blogs that I read where I wonder, what was all that about?

So far I’ve blogged about my book and on some other subjects that I thought may be interesting for readers.  Being a new author it’s really uncharted territory to finally have my story out there in the hands of people who could either like it or hate it. Even though it’s taken years for me to get to this point, I can see that there is a lot of work to go to get my book onto the best seller lists.

The web is full of plenty of advice on how to promote and how to get noticed. But they all mention one fundamental thing –  ‘word of mouth‘.  So now I’m searching for that mighty mouth.

First step is Google (it knows everything) – I Google ‘word of mouth’ and get a website that sells electronic audio systems.  That can’t be what I’m after.  So I check another link further down the list of 42,100,000 results.  Ahhhh, here’s one that will be useful – Wikipedia ‘word of mouth‘  – “…the passing of information from person to person by oral communication.” – that sounds fine, perhaps I’ll just stand outside on the sidewalk and talk to everyone that wanders past (I’m not too confident in that approach).   Although I’m keen for my book to be noticed, purchased and enjoyed, I’m not someone who wants to intrude on random people with unwanted badgering.

Ok … so let’s take stock of where I am at this point in time.

I’ve read all the advice.  I’ve finalised my book.   I’ve designed a great cover.   I’ve uploaded my book to Amazon.   I’ve reworded my blurb.   I’ve started a blog.   I’ve seen the little yellow visitor dots pop up on my blog’s world map (I’ve also accidentally deleted them a couple of times too).   I’ve set up Twitter.   I’ve tweeted.   I’ve gained followers.   I’ve set up a Facebook fan page.   I’ve gained likes.   I’ve reworded my blurb.   I’ve joined Goodreads.   I’ve found friends and fans.   I’ve joined some groups.   I’ve participated in discussions.   I’ve set-up Pinterest – but still learning how it works.

Take a breath…

I’ve obtained some great reviews.   I’ve reworded my blurb again.   I’ve done a promotion on Amazon.   I’ve sat and refreshed my Amazon account to watch my sales tick over (gotta say this is now an addiction).   I’ve watched my ranking increase.   I’ve joined Kindle Select.   I’ve watched my book be purchased.   I’ve watched my book be borrowed.   I’ve watched my ranking increase.   I’ve watched my ranking decrease.   I’ve watched my ranking increase.   I’ve joined www.kindle-for-kids.com . I’ve invented a paperback edition of my book (I can’t believe I am the first to ever think of it – I’m awesome).  I’m very very very close to releasing the second book in the series ‘Quest Two. The Cursed Nile’.  I’ve invented bookmarks (patent pending on this invention). I’m having a Book Giveaway starting from tomorrow.  I’ve released the world’s most magnificent book trailer on You Tube (check it out on the home page – I know you’ll love it).

Since its release my book is out there on thousands of Kindles/iPads.   How do I keep this momentum going and launching into infinity and beyond?   How do I get the parents/grandparents of the kids that I know will absolutely love my book to find out about it and to buy it for their kids/grandkids?  How do I get adults to know that they would love my book too?

I think that now all I need to do is find this ‘word of mouth’ and I’ll be set.   Does anyone know where this ‘word of mouth’ lives?   He/she sounds like the perfect way forward.   I think it’s the next step for me – that’s the word on the street.   Perhaps I need to check Twitter to see if #wordofmouth lives there – hang on a second or so I’ll just have a look – well guess what I’ve found ! …… good guess …… I found #wordofmouth.   A quick tap here and there and a quick read of the tweets – there is some weird stuff on there that I’m not sure I understand so maybe it’s not the ‘word of mouth’ that I’m looking for.   I think I’ve got to start a new one – that should do the trick.   Now what should it be?   Oh … another puzzle to solve.   What is something that’s obvious but something that won’t get overrun by weird stuff? … After some thought I’ve started to add #questers to my tweets – not sure if this will help but everything starts with one step.

Now I need to give some thought on what is next.   Any suggestions would be great.

4 thoughts on “Where does ‘word of mouth’ hang out?

  1. Steve, it seems to me you are on the right track. I am finding it takes quite a long to time to decide which way to go when it comes to getting the word out about my own book. I too am blogging and watching and re-evaluating every day. There are so many forums. I am following your journey. Hopefully one of these days I will look out the window and see where that word of mouth has taken me. Until then I’ll just keep plugging away. Please stop by my WP blog and see if there is anything there to help you along or just make you laugh.


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