How do we slow this world down?

If you are like me, you have a life that seems to get faster and busier each day. It's ironic that in a world where we have so many things that save us time, why is it that we seem to be losing time? There comes a time when we need to sit back, take … Continue reading How do we slow this world down?


I follow a blog that is by a very talented artist named Ali R.Thome. Please take a look at the latest post. The pics are awesome (as usual).

Ali R. Thome

Are you ready for the bestest, most baseballiest, most art filled post yet!  Get out your scorecards and start yelling for a hot dog at the college kid trying to pay his way through college with this second job cuz he blew most of his scholarship on booze and beer pong posters for his late night parties hoping to make the frat guys jealous who wouldn’t let him in after they caught him playing with Magic cards the first day of orientation with his now roommate/best friend Barry.

Enjoy these amazing baseball caricatures of the senior boys of the Messiah Baseball team.  You’re Welcome

P.S. Jordan’s Kickstarter is going really well, however he is having trouble with the printer we chose to go through.  Even though he formatted the book himself so that it works the way its supposed to, the printer is still going to add 2 extra pages…

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