How do we slow this world down?

If you are like me, you have a life that seems to get faster and busier each day. It’s ironic that in a world where we have so many things that save us time, why is it that we seem to be losing time?

There comes a time when we need to sit back, take a look, and smell the roses. I thought it may be a good idea to see what you think about the ever increasing pace of life. So, here is a question for you all.

How do we slow this world down?


Book Review ♦ THE CURSED NILE (Quest #2) ♦ by S.W. Lothian ★★★★★

Middle-graders, YA, and yes, adults can all find delight in this series. The Golden Scarab

May 16, 2012
By Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes – Archie Standwood Author Vues & Reviews

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This review is of:
The Cursed Nile (Quest #2) (Kindle)

Q2 New Cover b - MummySequel to Quest One: The Golden Scarab .

The lyrical delight of the first volume in the “Quest” series-“The Golden Scarab”-continues apace in this new entry relating the new series of events in this magical fantasy saga.

The delightful storytelling approach also continues here, making this an excellent choice for a parent, grandparent, or other caregiver, to share aloud with their child. In the initial novel, the Ancient Egyptian god Seth, who craved power and just couldn’t get enough, wanted to take over all of Egypt, and his wise and Solomonic brother, the god Horus, summoned three youngsters from our present back to Ancient Egypt to hide the Golden Scarab, which confined Seth’s powers and restrained his evil nature. Consequently, those statues of Egypt which had aided in the battles against Seth were given free reign to roam, walk, dance, and generally participate in life.

Now life is good on the Nile, and the Festival of Ahket is about to begin, celebrating the god Hapi, who protects and guides the Nile, and who is ultimately responsible for the success of Egyptian agriculture-for without the Nile, there can be no harvest. No harvest is about to become a reality, though, because suddenly and inexplicably, Hapi disappears, and with him the Nile; and once again, it is up to contemporary youngsters J. J., Rani, and Linc, to solve this danger, stop the curse, and return Hapi to his rightful place.

If you’ve already enjoyed “Quest One: The Golden Scarab,” don’t miss this and hurry up about it. If you haven’t read “The Golden Scarab,” what are you waiting on? Middle-graders, YA, and yes, adults can all find delight in this series.

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The Cursed Nile – Released 8th June 2012 on Amazon 

Book Review ♦ The Cursed Nile – 5 stars

***** 5 Stars – …another fast-paced adventure sure to appeal… The Golden Scarab

May 11, 2012
By Laurie Cameron – Middle Grade Fiction Finder

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This review is from:
Quest Two. The Cursed Nile (The Quest Series) (Kindle)

The waters of the Nile have disappeared and so has Hapi, god of the Nile. At the Temple of Horus, an urgent meeting of the Unified Alliance of the Gods is called to discuss this catastrophic event. Without the waters of the Nile Egypt is doomed. Their best hope is to once again request the assistance of JJ, Linc, and Rani, intrepid heroes of the future who had rescued them once before.

When JJ and Linc receive the summons, they make haste to the museum where the Ephemeral Portal will transport them back in time. Meanwhile, Rani hastens to Temple of the Gods near her village to find her own Ephemeral Portal. Once together again back in Egypt, the trio set out on their quest. They will encounter many dangers: giant crocodile, evil Ubderdiles, deep caverns, and wicked vultures.

Like his first book, Quest One: The Golden Scarab, it is another fast-paced adventure sure to appeal to middle grade lovers of fantasy and adventure. Coming soon

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Quest Two. The Cursed Nile – Released 8th June 2012 on Amazon 

Book Review ♦ The Golden Scarab

**** 4 Starsa great “Early Young Adult” novel.The Golden Scarab

May 07, 2012
By Reflections of a Bookworm

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This review is from:
Quest One. The Golden Scarab (The Quest Series) (Kindle)

Twelve year old JJ Sterling has been enlisted by Horus to retrieve the Golden Scarab for him so he may be able to defeat his evil brother Seth. Thrust back in time to Ancient Egypt JJ must travel through a dangerous tomb and dodge Seth’s minions at every turn. Will JJ be able to complete his mission and return back to modern day London in one piece?

This was a great “Early Young Adult” novel. The author did a wonderful job in brining [sic] Egyptian mythology to life and weaving it into a story that is fascinating and full of action and adventure. Even if you don’t know much about the Egyptian Gods S.W. Lothian does a fantastic job in explaining them without losing the readers interest.

As soon as JJ and his best friend travel back to Ancient Egypt this book turns into nonstop action keeping you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. The book is only about two hundred pages long, which is perfect for young readers or those who are just beginning.

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Book Review ♦ The Golden Scarab – 4 stars

**** 4 StarsS.W. Lothian succeeded brilliantlyThe Golden Scarab

May 04, 2012
By Alessandra Ebulu
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This review is from:
Quest One. The Golden Scarab (The Quest Series) (Kindle)

JJ and his friend Linc, are appealed to by the Egyptian god Anubis to save the world. They travel to Ancient Egypt where they are teamed up with Rani and together all three are given instructions about their mission: stop the Egyptian god Seth from getting his evil powers and controlling all of Egypt, and subsequently, the rest of the world. Together, we race with the young heroes, hoping that they would succeed in their quests. Their enemy is powerful, and there are minions who do his bidding and whose job it is to stop the three from completing the quest. Fortunately, the young heroes have powerful allies as well, and we read this new take on the battle between good and evil, and we are able to witness the benefits of courage, teamwork and perseverance.

Any story that is directed to a young audience has to have certain elements to ensure that it is a success and a major element is the language. S.W. Lothian succeeded brilliantly with that as the language he used is simple and easy to understand. Those who pick up this book will have no problem with comprehension, which is a good thing when one is writing a children’s story. Also, the author’s use of action and the fast paced tone of the story is a definite plus. It means that the audience would not get bored, and would therefore stay interested in discovering exactly what happened with the heroes and finding out how easy it was for them to complete their mission.

Another thing that is worthy of note, and which should be applauded is way the author educates his audience about Egyptian mythology. Readers would be enlightened about Egypt, without feeling like they are reading an academic piece, which is definitely what the [sic] any audience, but especially the young audience would appreciate.

I really did enjoy the read, and I am looking forward to reading more of the advantages [sic] of JJ, Linc and Rani.

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I follow a blog that is by a very talented artist named Ali R.Thome. Please take a look at the latest post. The pics are awesome (as usual).

Ali R. Thome

Are you ready for the bestest, most baseballiest, most art filled post yet!  Get out your scorecards and start yelling for a hot dog at the college kid trying to pay his way through college with this second job cuz he blew most of his scholarship on booze and beer pong posters for his late night parties hoping to make the frat guys jealous who wouldn’t let him in after they caught him playing with Magic cards the first day of orientation with his now roommate/best friend Barry.

Enjoy these amazing baseball caricatures of the senior boys of the Messiah Baseball team.  You’re Welcome

P.S. Jordan’s Kickstarter is going really well, however he is having trouble with the printer we chose to go through.  Even though he formatted the book himself so that it works the way its supposed to, the printer is still going to add 2 extra pages…

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