Book Review ♦ The Cursed Nile – 5 stars

***** 5 Stars – …another fast-paced adventure sure to appeal… The Golden Scarab

May 11, 2012
By Laurie Cameron – Middle Grade Fiction Finder

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This review is from:
Quest Two. The Cursed Nile (The Quest Series) (Kindle)

The waters of the Nile have disappeared and so has Hapi, god of the Nile. At the Temple of Horus, an urgent meeting of the Unified Alliance of the Gods is called to discuss this catastrophic event. Without the waters of the Nile Egypt is doomed. Their best hope is to once again request the assistance of JJ, Linc, and Rani, intrepid heroes of the future who had rescued them once before.

When JJ and Linc receive the summons, they make haste to the museum where the Ephemeral Portal will transport them back in time. Meanwhile, Rani hastens to Temple of the Gods near her village to find her own Ephemeral Portal. Once together again back in Egypt, the trio set out on their quest. They will encounter many dangers: giant crocodile, evil Ubderdiles, deep caverns, and wicked vultures.

Like his first book, Quest One: The Golden Scarab, it is another fast-paced adventure sure to appeal to middle grade lovers of fantasy and adventure. Coming soon

It’s time to join the Quest?
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Quest Two. The Cursed Nile – Released 8th June 2012 on Amazon 

7 thoughts on “Book Review ♦ The Cursed Nile – 5 stars

    1. Thanks Honie, this is the first review for the second book in the series. A good start. I appreciate your regular visits and support. Writing the books was only half the work. The really hard work is getting the world to know about them. Every review helps the process along and every blog visit and comment encourages.


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