Book Review ♦ THE CURSED NILE (Quest #2) ♦ by S.W. Lothian ★★★★★

Middle-graders, YA, and yes, adults can all find delight in this series. The Golden Scarab

May 16, 2012
By Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes – Archie Standwood Author Vues & Reviews

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This review is of:
The Cursed Nile (Quest #2) (Kindle)

Q2 New Cover b - MummySequel to Quest One: The Golden Scarab .

The lyrical delight of the first volume in the “Quest” series-“The Golden Scarab”-continues apace in this new entry relating the new series of events in this magical fantasy saga.

The delightful storytelling approach also continues here, making this an excellent choice for a parent, grandparent, or other caregiver, to share aloud with their child. In the initial novel, the Ancient Egyptian god Seth, who craved power and just couldn’t get enough, wanted to take over all of Egypt, and his wise and Solomonic brother, the god Horus, summoned three youngsters from our present back to Ancient Egypt to hide the Golden Scarab, which confined Seth’s powers and restrained his evil nature. Consequently, those statues of Egypt which had aided in the battles against Seth were given free reign to roam, walk, dance, and generally participate in life.

Now life is good on the Nile, and the Festival of Ahket is about to begin, celebrating the god Hapi, who protects and guides the Nile, and who is ultimately responsible for the success of Egyptian agriculture-for without the Nile, there can be no harvest. No harvest is about to become a reality, though, because suddenly and inexplicably, Hapi disappears, and with him the Nile; and once again, it is up to contemporary youngsters J. J., Rani, and Linc, to solve this danger, stop the curse, and return Hapi to his rightful place.

If you’ve already enjoyed “Quest One: The Golden Scarab,” don’t miss this and hurry up about it. If you haven’t read “The Golden Scarab,” what are you waiting on? Middle-graders, YA, and yes, adults can all find delight in this series.

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The Cursed Nile – Released 8th June 2012 on Amazon 

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