Book Review ♦ THE CURSED NILE ♦ by S.W. Lothian ★★★★★


” plenty of action, a bit of suspense, a dash of humor…

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The Cursed Nile (Quest #2) – Kindle edition


The Cursed Nile

Having enjoyed the first book in this series, I politely asked the author for an ARC of book 2 and I was pretty pleased when it arrived a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong: I have plenty of reading material. Too much, in fact. But I am always anxious for the second book in a series because more often than not it is the second book that signals the trajectory of a series. That’s where we find out what sort of series we are dealing with: one that surprises us with twists and turns, one that takes a disappointing departure, or one that delivers the same sort of experience we enjoyed in the first book.

In this case, the author has chosen the latter and there is little doubt those who enjoyed the first book will enjoy this one. It has the same crisp writing, narrative voice, and light touch. There is suspense, yes, but it is not overpowering. Lothian sticks well within the traditional boundaries of this genre, which is really what one hopes for when starting a book like this. I, for one, want some action and adventure when I pick up an action/adventure book, and that’s exactly what this book delivers.

Having already set the stage in book one for a series of stories about kids travelling back in time to save the day, Lothian gets straight to the point: Ancient Egypt faces another crisis. All the water has disappeared from the Nile River. So, too, has Hapi, the god of the Nile who watches over the river and controls it. Baffled, the gods of Ancient Egypt send a message into the future asking the time-travelling trio of JJ, Linc, and Rani to travel back in time, find Hapi, and restore the river to its proper condition.

When the trio arrives in Ancient Egypt they discover that Hapi has been kidnapped by the evil god Sobek, who has a plan to gain control of the Nile for himself and use it to gain power over the people of Egypt. Interesting back story: Sobek was once the beloved god of the Nile himself. At least until people discovered that he was ordering crocodiles to attack them. Good lesson for the kids there: if you want to be liked, don’t order crocodiles to attack people. It also adds a nice element of danger to the story; is this really the sort of god you want in charge of your water supply?

As they pursue the quest to rescue Hapi, the trio encounter all manner of obstacles, including raging waters, evil surfing statues, angry (and in one case very large) crocodiles, and of course one pretty powerful evil god. There are chase scenes, a few setbacks, and even the need to hop back and forth in time. One fun element is the addition of good statues that move about, dance, and even join in the trio’s quest (one statue in particular–`Little Sphinx’–provides the sort of comic relief that will appeal to kids who chuckle at the antics of JarJar Binks).

On the whole, Lothian delivers here exactly what he did in the first book and exactly what most folks browsing this section of the bookstore are likely looking for: plenty of action, a bit of suspense, a dash of humor and an ending in which–(Oh, come on. You didn’t really think I’d give away the ending, did you? You’ll have to read it yourself.)

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