The Brady Bunch House Mystery


There are loads of things in this world that are mysteries that have never been solved.  Who could forget the Bermuda Triangle? – this is a creepy patch of ocean that supposedly gobbles up things when it feels like it. Or, the legendary Loch Ness Monster – I never did see it when I went to Loch Ness (except in the souvenir shop or the ‘model’ in a pond out the front). There’s also the baffling mystery of the light in the fridge – I’m pretty sure that it does actually go out when I close the door. Or, how has the colonel kept his secret herbs and spices a secret for so long? Why does it taste so good? … even though I know it’s probably one of the unhealthiest substances known to man. Or, how did the Kardashians become so famous? Or, who shot JR? – I know that one was solved, but how did they come up with the Bobby in the shower for years thing – I bet no-one would admit to being part of that brainstorming session.

Earthlings have solved how to get to the moon, and even how to run around in heavy boots on its surface. More recently we’ve solved how to get to mars, and remotely race a little dune buggy around, while sending back amazing ‘wish-you-were-here’ snapshots (does the rover tweet them, or does it use old-fashioned email?).  Oh….and I’ve just remembered another baffling mystery …. how on earth did Beatrice think that the hat (satellite dish) she wore at the Royal Wedding was either attractive or tasteful?  Or, what about all of those mysteries that Scooby Doo and the gang solved – they were real meaty mysteries that needed great minds to solve (Velma).

 Time Square | The Shift by S.W. Lothian  scooby-doo-running-gif Time Square | UFO by S.W. Lothian

It took seven books to solve the mystery of ‘How to get rid of Voldemort’ (don’t say that word out loud), and Dr. Smith never did work out how to return to earth – and if I’m correct – he’s still Lost in Space somewhere (Maybe he bumped into My Favourite Martian).  Gilligan and the gang couldn’t solve how to get off the island – except for a brief time – but they soon found themselves back making amazing stuff out of bamboo and palm fronds. (side-thought …  imagine if someone created an island resort that was just like Gilligan’s Island, complete with bamboo bikes and huts, and Mary Anne’s Coconut Cream Pie – I think I’d go).

All that said, the most perplexing mystery to me in my whole entire life (one that has been eating away at me since childhood) is the mystery of the Brady Bunch house.  I find it impossible not to try to solve it every time I watch an episode with my kids. We all know that Mike was an awesome architect, but the design of their house is the source of the many years of torment that I’ve gone through.


Now just bear with me as I walk you through this ….. try to imagine that you are actually walking in the steps of Jan, as she follows along (swinging her long hair) behind her beautiful sister, Marcia.

You step through the front door (see it in the center of the picture) and into the small entry foyer.  You still have your back to the front doorway and you look straight ahead.  There is that tasteful screen wall that defines the foyer.  Now just walk to the left, to end of the wall and stand on the step looking straight ahead (with your back still towards the front of the house). Now to your right (behind the tasteful screen wall from the foyer) is the lounge area with the couches arranged in a u-shape and a coffee table.  To the right is the marvelous stone wall that has the den on the other side.

Still looking straight ahead, start to walk (swinging your hair).  You pass the main dining table to your left-hand side.  Continue straight down the middle and now you walk into the kitchen.  There’s the small round meals table to the left and you can see Alice standing at the sink behind the island bench to the right. Then you head through the kitchen and into the family (TV) room through the double doors.  From there you turn left and go out through the sliding doors that lead to the backyard venue for potato sack races. Ok, now I hope that you have it visualized in your head, and you feel like you are in a virtual Brady house.


Now, hit rewind and walk backward, fast but carefully until you are standing on the step near the entry foyer overlooking the lounge and dining area. Ok, so you look just past the lounge and see the raised landing that heads to the den.  There’s the side table with the statue of the horse. Then you see the famous staircase that leads straight up to the second floor (the steps lead away from the front door).  Now, quickly race from the step you are standing on, over to the landing and climb the stairs.  Once you’re at the top of the stairs you turn right, then a sharp left to head down the corridor to the bedrooms.

This is where the mystery of the Brady house has upset me for years.  You’ve come to the front door, rounded the beautiful entry wall, walked forward (in the same direction as you entered the front door) then straight up the stairs and turned right.  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?  Anyone who looks at the Brady house from the front can see that there is no second storey visible to the right and beyond the front door.  Now if you had turned left, I’d be fine, as there is some evidence of an upper storey on the left side of the front door.  I’ve Googled this in an effort to calm myself down and found some people have drawn plans. I’ve looked at these plans and they all describe a long narrow house that doesn’t match the frontage.  I mean, think about the den.  It’s the room to the right of the front door behind the lounge wall.  Look at the frontage and see how much house is to the right of the front door – that den must be enormous!

The Brady Bunch Stairs

I don’t know what else to say.  As I said, this has baffled me my whole life. I think I’m leaning towards suspecting that the Brady Bunch (and their house) aren’t real. If this is true, then for my whole childhood when I raced home from school to watch that early reality show of a typical American family, I was conned.

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this mystery.

I recently got the chance to visit the real Brady Bunch house … OMG!
If you would like to read about my visit please jump over to see my post HERE.

PS. I have no affiliation with the creators or cast of The Brady Bunch. I’m just a fan.

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20 responses to “The Brady Bunch House Mystery”

  1. Would make for a great reality show, though! Steve – if this is you’re only problem, then you’re life must be good! Fun and enlightening post! Shared and tweeted! BTW – thanks, I can’t get that Brady Bunch theme out of my head!


    1. Thanks Sharon…. Now here’s a story, of a man named Brady….


  2. Hi, forgive me if someone has already pointed you in this direction, but here’s a great link describing how the pictures of the outside of the house were just a house used…all the scenes filmed took place on a Hollywood set! I found your post here because I was thinking the same thing!! Mystery solved! link:


    1. Thanks for the tip … I’ll hop on over for a peek 🙂


  3. Maybe it’s like the Escherian Stairwell at M.I.T.

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  4. Sean Correia Leone Avatar
    Sean Correia Leone

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been bugging me for so long. I love the Brady house and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that you could see the second story from the front of the house. How can people draw up the house plans and not see that it doesn’t match the outside. Now, how to figure out how Samantha got two husbands who look so much alike and didn’t turn out to be alcoholics. Drinks every night, what the hell?!

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    1. Glad to have helped with the mystery. It’s bugged me since I was a kid too. I’ve got no answers on the Darren issue for you … But it could have been the handy work of Endora.


  5. On the subject of 1970’s TV houses whose exteriors don’t quite match up with their interiors, consider the case of the Bunker house from ALL IN THE FAMILY:

    In the exterior shots of Archie and Edith’s house shown during the opening credits, we see a two-story unit with a front door and windows to the left and right. The upstairs also has two different windows set apart on either side.

    But the interior of the Bunker house gives a slightly different picture. There is indeed a window to the left side of the door – but on the right of the door, there is a wall with only room for the narrow coat closet. No window on the right.
    Upstairs in the Bunker house, Archie and Edith’s bedroom faces the front of the house (Mike and Gloria’s bedroom is at the rear, across the hall). Only one window in that bedroom. Not two, as the outside of the house claims.


    1. Thanks for this new TV setting dilemma to contemplate. I’m going to have to do some research on this one. As a non-American, one thing I notice in 90% of sitcoms/shows and that is that there is always a front door with a small entry foyer and stairs that are to the right. Are all American homes the same design? LOL.


  6. Nearly EVERY television show house/apt. (whether a drama or sitcom) is filmed on a soundstage. This was done for the purpose of logistics. Producers needed complete control of the scenes: lighting, sound, camera angles, not to mention the actors’ performances. The interiors of a real house would rarely lend itself to this necessity. Plus, they didn’t want to be subjected to the unwanted noises and interruptions of an actual neighborhood. The home exteriors (whether set houses or real ones) were chosen as to what best fit the image the producers wanted to portray for the characters/families. The TV audience is expected to use their imagination and just go with the flow. I must admit that, as a kid, I thought all of the houses the TV characters “lived” in were real…places I could visit someday. The “Bewitched” interior soundstage sets, though a few miles from the exterior shell of a house that’s on the Burbank Studios backlot, most closely resembled one another than any other TV show…in my humble opinion. BTW, an interesting fact: Some guy purchased the exclusive copyrights to the design of the “Bewitched” house several years ago, had a architect draw up plans, and built a replica for his own home. I’m jealous!!!

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    1. I’ve heard that someone has also built the Simpson’s house too. I’m actually heading to LA next month and plan to visit the real Brady Bunch house to take a few pics.


  7. […] By far the most consistently visited post on this site has nothing to do with books or travel or writing. It was a post that I did for fun a number of years ago to try to explain something that had puzzled me since childhood. I’m talking about the mystery of the Brady Bunch house, and of how it’s front facade and interior layout are at odds with each other. Every day I’m surprised by the number of visitors who still visit the original post, some 4 years after I posted it. (Jump to the original post HERE) […]


  8. The exterior of the Brady house also clearly shows an attached garage on the left side of the house (if you’re facing the house). And any Brady Bunch fan knows that there was no attached garage.


  9. I’m 54 and am currently in the middle binge watching The Brady Bunch on Hulu. The floor plan has been driving me crazy. I too googled it and came across your post. Hilarious. Glad I’m not the only one!

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    1. Hi Pam, Thanks for dropping by. It’s always great to hear what visitors have to say. Keep on binging!


  10. Traci-anne Moon Avatar
    Traci-anne Moon

    So enjoyed reading this, so very funny, well written and true! Glad that I googled “Brady Bunch Staircase” this morning, ive learned so much more interesting stuff! Thankyou from an Australian BB Fan from the era! 😁🤗😂


    1. Hey Traci-anne … Glad that you had a laugh. It’s definitely one of the those mysteries that will forever haunt me. I heard yesterday that the Brady Bunch house is up for sale for the first time since the 1970s but I haven’t got a spare US $2.5m to spare so I can go inside the house and solve it for sure. The news has actually brought in hundreds of visitors to this post in the past day. I’m thinking I need to post something here about my Gilligan’s Island theories as well. Cheers from a fellow Aussie. Please feel free to drop by again for a visit.



    HGTV bought the Studio City house. Reality show coming on this topic. HGTV is going to have their hands full trying to make the inside look like the set, when thew upstairs is on the left.


  12. I just watched the Brady Christmas movie from 1988. Having seen a lot of house renovation shows since the last time I watched the Brady Bunch, the thing that disturbed me was how the stair railings were out of code because there was so much distance – at least 3 or 4 feet of air – between the posts where any of the little kids could fall through.


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