My most amazing invention – The Paperback – Come see its splendour!

Earlier this year I ran a post that shared my marvellous new invention … ‘The Paperback’.

At the same time I launched a paperback version of The Golden Scarab which was welcomed across the world with festivals, public holidays and celebrations that made the Royal Wedding and the Olympics look pale in comparison. Since the launch of The Cursed Nile (Book 2 in The Quest Series) in the middle of this year, I have refreshed the covers to their now magnificent design.

After months of working in the background towards a new chapter (great pun there) and dealing with the countless frustrations brought about by the transition of e-book cover designs to paperback cover designs, the time has finally arrived.  I now find myself so amazingly excited, sitting on the couch and hyperventilating into a paper bag as the event the world has longed-for arrives.  Yes, it’s the re-launch of my absolutely wonderful invention …. ‘The Paperback’.

The Quest Series Paperbacks

Just between you and me, I have noticed that since my invention was made public earlier this year, a number of other authors (many of them well-known) have jumped on my bandwagon and launched their own versions of paperbacks. I’m ok with that … really!  But in my heart I know I was the original and the first, so that makes me proud that I was at the forefront of this new technology.

The post below is the original announcement to the world of my invention, along with some changes to bring it up to date.  Once you have read it and seen how remarkable and revolutionary my invention is, I’m sure that you will all be lined up, like a mob of @pple fans at a new device launch, to buy my books and own part of history (your kids, grandkids and descendants into the future will love these new family heirlooms).

Flashback time-travel moment to earlier in 2012
(Swirling mist and cinematic music waft in from left of your vision)

Yesterday was a very awesome day. It was a day that I’ll always remember. It was the day that the proof for the print version of my book arrived.  As a writer you put in countless hours to develop a story full of great characters with an exciting plot. You write, you read, you write, you change, you read etc (you get the picture). You get to the point to where you publish your e-book which is a major milestone – “Yay for me!” you say, “I’ve reached my goal. I am the most fantastic one.”

Then you set your next goal. I need to sell to the bazillion people who I know are desperately waiting for my book to change their lives. I need these superfans to know that The Golden Scarab (and now The Cursed Nile too) is ready. To do this, it’s as simple as finding this ‘word of mouth’ dude so he/she can help me out. I’ve mentioned this dude before, and I have to say I’m still looking – has anyone seen him/her? Is he/she reading this right now? Is it you?   Are you so fascinated by The Golden Scarab (and now The Cursed Nile too) and the irresistible lure of four (now three) more totally magnificent quests that you have the uncontrollable urge to tell every living human that you meet, or to Tweet to all your loyal followers, or to tell all your Facebook friends, or to tell all of your kids, students, Goodreads and book club friends that this is such an amazing story full of action / adventure / magic / time-travel that the whole family will be better for reading it. I am sure that every family that reads my books will have a long and happy life together.  If they don’t read and enjoy my books, then I can’t be held responsible for what happens. Well, if you aren’t ‘word of mouth’ can you ask someone else for me and put them us in contact?

Before long you find that you have another goal.  One that will be awesome and that will be the magic bullet that will start the ball rolling to magnificent success.  For me that next goal was to offer my book in print.  In this age of ebooks it’s a huge revelation.  This would be a fantastic way cater for all of the readers (kids and adult) who don’t have an Amazon Kindle or iDevice. They could actually buy and read a paperback book.
What a totally unique idea I’ve come up with – I’ll be the only one who has ever thought of it.  This is going to give me the edge and it’s going to see my book snapped up as quickly as the last donut on the Simpsons dinner table.

So, once I had this amazing idea I set the wheels in motion to get The Golden Scarab (and now The Cursed Nile too) into print.  Now it’s here, and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes upon (except for my wife and kids – I need this disclaimer in here).  It is revolutionary.  It has a sturdy glossy colorful cover that hugs 326 (or 276 for The Cursed Nile) pages made from paper, keeping them all in the right order – this is a very important feature that will assist those who read it.  It weighs something and I can even turn it over and look at the back cover – yes, you did read that, it has a back cover which is as equally sturdy and glossy and colorful as the front cover.  This book has also been specially designed so that it can stand upright on a bookshelf.  Once you have more than one they can stand next to each other with the name of the book showing on its spine.

Like a proud parent I’ve taken some cool and cute pictures of my new arrival and it looks as beautiful from any angle.  I’ve limited myself to sharing only one of them together (see above), but if anyone would like one to put on their mantle in a frame just let me know and I’ll see what I can arrange.  And I don’t think this adoration is just because I’m biased – it’s because it really is a beautiful thing.

Who knows, this paperback book thing might just take off.  Once my soon to be superfans cast their eyes on it, they won’t be able to resist – they’ll want at least one of their own. Do you?

Are you ready to join the Quest?

The Golden Scarab and The Cursed Nile paperbacks are
both available at the following great retailers:

Createspace Amazon UK Amazon EU

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8 thoughts on “My most amazing invention – The Paperback – Come see its splendour!

  1. Great! Now I’ll have to invent something. This competition is brutal! 😉
    Nice work. I guess it’s time to come back from vacation and get crackin’. Okay maybe not just yet, there’s still so much food.


    1. Inventions are all about who thinks of it first and gets it off the ground. Thankfully, I was the first in the world with the paperback idea.
      Thanks for your visit ….. glad to be part of the Kid Lit Blog Hop


  2. Hey SW, thanks for stopping over to my blog. Great to connect also with you at Great Middle Grade Reads. An awesome sight. BTW, the book covers above just look fabulous. I am so glad you have it in your fabulous paperback invention. I just got my first copies last week, it was surreal. All the best. Julie


  3. Omigosh, you crack me up! See, Ellen would LOVE you!! Ironically, I am 8th cousins with Ellen (or so says my genealogy-obsessed sister!) Unfortunately, she only gives the time of day to 7th cousins and closer. Sigh… The covers look amazing and give your “babies” a hug and kiss from me! lol


    1. Thanks… the ‘babies’ appreciate your good wishes.
      You should keep an eye out for a day that Ellen has a family reunion. It could be your chance to become her favourite 8th cousin.


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