Book Review ♦ THE CURSED NILE (Quest #2) ♦ by S.W. Lothian

 “S.W. Lothian has taken it to a whole new level with this series.”  **** stars

The Cursed Nile (Quest #2) – Kindle edition

The Cursed NileReview by: Heather B – 21st October 2012

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During a festival celebrating the Nile God, Hapi, the waters from the Nile disappear and Hapi has inexplicably disappeared. The alliance of the Gods in Egypt is desperate to find out what has happened to Hapi so they again call on JJ, Linc, and Rani three teenagers from the future to return to Ancient Egypt and get to the bottom of what is going on.

I loved the first novel in this series, The Golden Scarab, and this book is no exception. The author does a remarkable job in not only bringing to life the present day for these kids, but also for creating Ancient Egypt so vividly and comprehensively that even if you barely know anything about the Egyptian Gods you are able to follow right along.

The history behind the novel is intriguing in itself, but S.W. Lothian has taken it to a whole new level with this series. The storyline so far has been for the middle grade level but it is so much fun that anyone can appreciate it.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone whether you are a child or just a child at heart.


The Golden Scarab and The Cursed Nile are both available
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