♦ Christmas Down Under ♦

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Christmas Down Under

As I was growing up, I remember that all movies or tv shows I saw about Christmas included snow. ‘Of course it does!’ you say.

There’s always snow on the mountains, snow in the yard, snow on the garden. You watch it fall from the sky while you’re toasty warm inside the house. Christmas cards nearly always have snowmen or snow scenes. Even the Christmas tree has (fake) snow on the ends of its branches.  Tree decorations are the shape of snowflakes, or have snow on them in one form or another. You also spray stencils on your windows, with snow from a can. You build snowmen, have sled rides and snowball fights on Christmas day. Santa lives in the snow.  His reindeer love the snow. His sled is made to fly and glide across snow. I think you see what I mean … Christmas and snow goes together. It’s the natural thing.

WRONG! Now let’s flip this whole thing upside down. Now imagine you’ve magically transported yourself Down Under. Based on what I’ve just listed above, Christmas is not what you would expect. The sun is shining high in the sky. The temperature is usually in the mid-to-high 30s C (90s). The weak breeze blows offering a little respite. We sit around the tree on Christmas morning and the kids’ excitement fills the air as the presents are handed out and opened.  Soon after, the kids play cricket in the back yard. At lunch we all feast on a barbie (BBQ) with steak, snags (sausages), prawns (shrimp) and salads.  We drink cold beer, soft drink (soda) and wine as the family gathers.  Then we have our fill of the cakes, pavlova, fruit and ice-cream. The kids jump in the pool and spend hours splashing in the cool water, while the crazy uncle joins them, and the adults sit and share fun and jokes. Some of us need to travel from one place to another to spend time with friends and family, each place loaded with more food, more fun and more sun. We drink in the awesome summer weather as we head to the beach to walk along the sandy shores, or catch some waves, or have a surf.  Sometimes we play beach cricket or footy or Frisbee.

It’s what we grew up with, so it’s quite normal to us.

Cottesloe Beach - Western Australia
Cottesloe Beach – Western Australia

The weird thing is, that since I was a kid I’ve dreamed of a white Christmas. I’ve never had one, but I will one day – it’s on my list.

Isn’t it strange how we always long for the opposite of what we have.


Speaking of Christmas. I bet you will need some time to relax once it’s all over.  That’s the perfect time to curl up with a new book, or to read one that you may have received as a gift. Let me suggest a couple of the most outstanding books that have ever been written … mine :^)

They are Middle Grade books, but they are also loved by parents. These books are perfect stocking stuffers for the kids.  The first two books of The Quest Series are:

The Golden Scarab (Book #1)

The Cursed Nile (Book #2)

This is a fast-paced and exciting middle grade time-travel adventure, that’s sure to knock your socks off. Try putting Percy Jackson, Matthew Reilly, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter in a blender … you get The Quest Series.

To celebrate being part of the Kid’s Books Holiday Blog Hop I am offering
 2 Kindle versions of The Golden Scarab as prizes
 to Blog Hop visitors who leave a comment on this post during the blog hop.


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23 thoughts on “♦ Christmas Down Under ♦

  1. A white Christmas in Texas is a rare thing. Wouldn’t you know it we’ve had two since we moved here. However, we weren’t here to see them. Oh no, we were in upstate New York for the holidays. Where lake effect snow pounds down on a regular basis.
    Living in Colorado too we had lots of snow. Shoveling out on a Monday morning so I could go to work was no holiday though. Snow on Christmas is magical, beautiful, wonderful. It is peaceful even, to be blanketed by snow when you have plenty of firewood, hot cocoa, and board games.
    Growing up in the South, snow was very rare, but when it came, everything shut down. Oh the snow days! No school!! We also had no cold weather clothing or snow removal equipment.
    You’re so right, we do seem to long for the opposite of what we have.


    1. Sounds like you’ve experienced both. As odd as it sounds, I’ve only been to snow a few times in my life when on vacation. The first time I saw it iwas in my mid 20s and it was such an awesome thing. . I have great memories of tumbling down the slopes as a very very amatuer skier, while my Canadian friends laughed as they whirled past.
      LIke they say … I’m (still) dreaming of a white christmas.


  2. Yep! That wonderful warm Christmas is my reality, too. Like you, I used to dream of a white Christmas. All that snow everywhere; on the footpaths, around the shop windows, falling through the air. It did looked like fantasy land and I wanted to be there. Also, because so many stories, Christmas cards and pictures depicted Christmas with snow, I had a sense that I was being unfairly deprived of something the rest of the world enjoyed. These days however, I am grown up enough to realise that ‘white’ is synonymous with freezing cold and I most certainly do not want that. Bring on the beach, the beer and the barbie! Happy Christmas! JB:-)


    1. I love cold … I think it’s much easier to get warm than to cool down. BUt I’m sure if I grew up somewhere cold I’d have the opposite opinion.
      Best wishes to you for Xmas too JB.


    1. Thanks for sharing Sharon ……. as long as the air conditioner is on when it gets really hot, I’ll be happy. I can always look in the freezer if I want to see snow this year. LOL.


  3. Great post Steve and exactly what we will be doing this Christmas. I have never had a white Christmas either, the only time I have been away from family at Christmas was when I was in Brazil, lol, hardly a white Christmas there either. Best wishes over the holidays and happy hopping. Cheers Julie


  4. This is such a great blog hop! My children would love to read your books!
    My daughter’s first Christmas was a White Christmas! It is something that I’ll always remember 🙂

    Happy Holidays!
    Julie K
    (email address removed by S.W. for commenter privacy)


    1. Hi Julie ……. thanks for hopping by.
      My books are exciting and full of fun, adventure and magic. I’m sure your children would love them (but I think I’m biased)
      Best christmas wishes to you too.


  5. Gee Steve, you are welcome to join us for 4 months of frozen Narnia anytime 🙂 The beach and the barbie sound great, but I can’t help but thinking I’d feel a bit queasy and depressed. Really.

    Bring on the slush, the frozen windshield on my truck, the black ice on the road, ice skating in the park on Christmas day…


  6. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve lived in Florida since I was 7. I do not remember snow. Here, you could go to the beach on Christmas (and I have!). Although we get some cold temperatures, the last several years it has not gotten that cold. This year, we have been lucky enough to have a couple of cool days to where we can open the windows, but even as I type, my air conditioner is on! Ah, to see a White Christmas would be a wonderful dream come true. Of course, I don’t remember what the cold feels like… Happy holidays!

    (email address removed by S.W. for commenter privacy)


    1. Hi Andrea…… I’ve visited Florida a couple of times in the middle of your summer – whoa – hot and humid. Our next visit will be timed in April or May to get some ‘cooler’ weather.
      Happy Holidays and I hope your air conditioner does a good job this Xmas.


  7. I can’t even imagine Christmas in warmer climes. We get depressed here if we don’t have at least a foot or 2 of the white stuff! (My guys are snow-mobilers–it’s just not the same in the grass!).


  8. Christmas Up Over has the Boxing Day Blues and everyone needs a book to get through that. Not to mention the January Blues when the visa bill get delivered and they would prefer to read something else. heheheh Oh, I mean, hohoho!


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