Book Review ♦ The Golden Scarab (Quest #1) ♦ by S.W. Lothian ★★★★★

 ★★★★★The Golden Scarab
“…beautifully written adventure … the action was fast paced…”

1st December 2012
Review by: Brenda (Goodreads/Amazon)

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This review is of:
The Golden Scarab (The Quest Series – Book 1) (Kindle)

** Spoiler Alert **

JJ who was 12 years old, had just started school holidays, and with his little sister Grace, and their Mum, they went to visit their Dad, who was in charge of the Museum in town. Wandering off, he found himself in the Ancient Egyptian section. Fascinated, suddenly he was in a room which held an Egyptian mummy, and two really big statues. The following day, he was back again, on his own this time, and his Dad just told him to take care…

When one of the statues started talking to him, he couldn’t believe his ears, or his eyes! The Egyptian god Anubis told him of the evil god Seth, who was trying to control Egypt, and Anubis wanted JJ to go on a quest to find the Sacred Scarab, and save Egypt from Seth…He was to choose a companion, and let Anubis know if they were willing to help the gods in the quest. So JJ contacted his friend Linc, who was very excited…definitely keen for an adventure.

The following day, Linc and JJ floated away from the Museum in a vivid blue light, and arrived in Ancient Egypt with another young person arriving at the same time, Rani, who was from another country, but joining them in the quest.

So began their adventure, travelling through Egypt to find the Golden Scarab, encountering various enemies along the way. Seth had helpers to find and conquer the three young heroes, but they also had allies on their side. The courage they showed, along with teamwork, and determination against the odds (and there were many) was gratifying.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully written adventure novel for young people. The action was fast paced, and in places extremely gripping. The interesting facts about Ancient Egypt and mythology were fascinating, and extremely enjoyable. I’m very much looking for the next novel in the series about JJ, Linc and Rani.

Highly recommended.

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