♦ The Quest Series goes Wordle ♦

The Quest Series
Mummy says
” Click me … Click me “

I’d heard about this great site called Wordle.net where you can create Word Clouds based on any group of words that you want.  So, naturally a bell went off and a light sprung from the top of my head.

What a fantastic and interesting way to show off my books rather than a traditional blurb.  The cloud is magically created based on the words, and the number of times that they appear in the text.

I have created the following Word Clouds using the full text from both of my books from The Quest Series.

Feast your eyes below. I’d love to know what you think.

The Golden Scarab

The Golden Scarab - Wordle

The Cursed Nile

The Cursed Nile - Wordle

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12 responses to “♦ The Quest Series goes Wordle ♦”

  1. Wow, freaky, but you get the gist of what your series is about! Cheers, Steve!


  2. I love it, want it, that would look great as a framed pic almost, love that you track down obscure awesomeness. Catch you on Feb 14 for some more awesome Love MG Actually, Happy New Year, Cheers Julie


    1. Hiya Julie. Thanks for dropping by.
      I agree they do look great. You can choose different color schemes and fonts based on your own taste.
      I’m looking forward to ‘Love MG Actually’ in Feb as well.


  3. Love the wordles and your series. Thanks for sharing !!! We love books about Egypt !


    1. Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂
      I’ve always been fascinated by Egypt so it was a natural thing to base my books around. Mixing the action and adventure of traps and mystery with time travel is awesome to write about.


  4. Hi Steve, What a fantastic concept! I love it! I love the font, layout, and colours (I especially love the colour scheme of the second book). Are you able to deselect certain words or parts of speech for example. Or are you able to assign higher priority to certain words. What I’m thinking is that if you really wanted to capture the feel of the book, words like “Egypt” should be more prominent and words like “way” should be less prominent, know what I mean?

    Overall all though, I think it is a fantastic visual!


    1. Hi Renee, It’s quite easy to do and there is the option to vary fonts, color schemes and layout. But I didn’t notice if you could change the words themselves.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂


  5. […] The Quest Series goes Wordle (swlothian.wordpress.com) […]


  6. Those are pretty cool wordles! Love the Nile one especially :). Actually I stumbled upon wordle as well, a while back, got one on my Drawing Room Days blog under my About tab. Actually, I think I should do an updated one – see how (or if) things have changed 😀


    1. Great idea, I should create one for my new book when I release it. Thanks for the idea 🙂


      1. haha you’re welcome 😀


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