iPhone 5 ♦ Panorama Photos ♦ Gold Coast, Australia.

Like many others around the world I upgraded to the iPhone 5 when it was released late last year. One of the new features that it provided was the ability to take panorama photos. On my recent holiday to Queensland I gave it a bit of a whirl to see what the photos would turn out like. Here are some iPhone 5 panorama shots that I took.

The day that we checked in to our 28th floor apartment was the perfect opportunity to test out the power of the panorama feature. I think you’d have to agree, it was an awesome view.


A couple of days after the panorama photo was taken a superstorm (ex Cyclone Oswald) roared into town and hung around for a few days.

Although I tried, I couldn’t get out onto the balcony long enough to take a panorama of the storm due to the constant torrential rain and high wind.

Here is a quick shot I managed showing the huge seas and missing beach.

Then, on the morning after the storm finally left us, this was the wonderful view with the sun rising above a still rough, but much calmer ocean. I like how the panorama feature doesn’t distort the horizon.

At Seaworld we entered the Antarctica penguin exhibit. This panorama tries to show the amazing ice environment, but bands of pink have spoilt the shot. I’m not sure what caused the bands, perhaps it was the type of lighting.

This is the wonderful lagoon used for the dolphin show at Seaworld on the Gold Coast. A very natural looking environment has been created. The panorama feature gives you the ability to capture a wider area.

The pool area where we stayed was amazing. It was surrounded by palms and grassed areas. There was even real beach sand on the its shores. This panorama shows only half of the pool. There is another similar section beyond the bridge.

We decided to head down to the beach after dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. This panorama is looking back towards the high-rise buildings. The beach is bathed in huge spotlights, making it feel like daytime. Due to the heat and the soaked ground from the storm the air was filled with an amazing mist.

Down on the beach looking out to the ocean. Erosion from the storm was clear, as was the long wobbling lines of foam created during the storm by the wild ocean swell. Some of the roads along the beach were filled to curb level with the sand that had blown and washed up from the beach.

So, what’s my opinion of the iPhone Panorama pics? ……… great !!! It’s so easy to use and the photos give you a richer and more amazing memory.

6 responses to “iPhone 5 ♦ Panorama Photos ♦ Gold Coast, Australia.”

  1. Beautiful pics – see, it wasn’t all bad! The photo of the storm is amazing. I like how you can see the shadows of you taking the photo in the last pic. It looks like you and your family had a wonderful if not thrilling vacation. I’ll be in touch soon when I get to my email! Cheers! 🙂


    1. Thanks Renee….. I’m a fan of the panorama and was pleasantly surprised how well the night shots worked out. We did have a great time. You should keep it on your list of places to visit, for sure.


  2. Now I want one! Nice pics, Steve! Haven’t graduated to a smart phone – yet! Cheer! 😉


    1. Go one … make the change … you’ll wonder why you took so long…. LOL…. all time travellers need a smartphone.


  3. I read a book last year using the Gold Coast as a setting. I guess it captured it more than I thought. Love the shots and wish I had seen it with my own little eyes.

    Great post.


    1. Cheers … It’s a great place… start saving 🙂 it’s only a couple of flights away.


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