♦ The Quest Series ♦ Exclusive Thanks-for-visiting Giveaway ♦

Thanks for dropping by to my blog.  I hope that you’ve found some interesting posts to read and would love you to visit again.  I’ve decided that I needed to have a way of thanking people for visiting my blog.  You may have found it to specifically check out my books, or you may have stumbled upon a non-book related post that triggered your interest.  Either way, I’d like to thank you for your visit.

This month I’m running an exclusive giveaway of 5 ebooks to blog visitors.  There are two books in The Quest Series that are out now.  Lucky winners of the giveaway will get the choice which of the two books they would like to win.  Check out the buzz on the book pages ( The Golden Scarab, The Cursed Nile ) to see what readers are saying.


… and here’s another piece of exciting news for you …

The Fallen Pharaoh  ♦ Quest #3 ♦ Coming Soon ♦

The Fallen Pharaoh - Coming Soon

11 thoughts on “♦ The Quest Series ♦ Exclusive Thanks-for-visiting Giveaway ♦

    1. Thanks Honie, I’m always trying to think of ways to afford that private jet. Still searching for that word-of-mouth dude as well.
      Summer is finally over YaYYYY!!! so it may (and I say may) cool down soon I hope.


    1. Hi E.S.
      I’ve moved the Giveaway link from my Facebook page to Rafflecopter.
      You should be able to enter without being a Facebook user …….. just click the link.
      PS. Rafflecopter doesn’t work on WordPress, hence the need for the link 🙂


  1. So there I was, quietly doing my chores, sweeping up after visitors and deciding to go knocking on some other doors – and I find you’re having a party!! Well, it’s a good thing I brought a cake 🙂 Happy Giveaway, Steve!


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