TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT – Character sneak-peek

Hudsons draft 4

Although I’m still working away busily on the first book in my new series, Time Square, I’m struggling to fight the incredibly strong urge to design and create animations of my characters. I designed all three covers for my other books in the Quest series, and am very keen to design the covers for Time Square. The new series will have more great settings and great adventure, but I’m also hoping to inject a lot more of my sense of humour into them as well. Let’s hope that readers will find them funny, as well as edge-of-seat thrilling.

So, in visualising my characters for the cover I’m hoping that they will entice and give a clue as to their personalities. Here’s a sneak-peek at three of my characters, Dr Rex Hudson, Lewis Hudson and Eva Hudson. I plan to include them somewhere on the cover and at the beginning of each chapter. The playful shot seen here is just me getting to know them and mastering the art of CG illustration.

Without doubt, there will be more tweaking, and of course any other shots of them will be in super-action-adventure-mode. Please let me know what you think (don’t shoot me down too much though :^), encouragement is enough if they aren’t your cup of tea.

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20 thoughts on “TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT – Character sneak-peek

  1. Oh my goodness, we had NO IDEA you did your own covers. They are seriously FAB-U-LOUS. You are quite talented, Steve. They look GREAT! So glad that you shared this. Have a great week ahead.
    ~Cool Mom


  2. There is no end to your talent! Creating animations is something I find mindblowing! I always wondered who did your covers, they are so striking. Looking forward to the new series 🙂


  3. Wow, you are talent to the power of ten! Kudo on your cover, I didn’t realize you’re a graphic artist of such calibre! Wonderful! Are you self taught? So impressed! Cheers and best wishes with your new series, Steve!


  4. Fabulous work! Character work looks impressive. Good luck and resist the urge… for now! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing on Kid Lit Blog Hop
    -Reshama Stackingbooks


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