Should I refresh my covers for the Quest series?

Well, I’ve had a couple of hours free time today and decided to get into something that would distract me from everything else that has been going on for the past couple of months. I’ve been thinking about refreshing the covers for my Quest series and thought I’d have a go while I had the time. Honestly, I’m a fan of my existing covers, but I also know that they could be better, clearer and more enticing.

So, here is an example of a quick draft I’ve done for a refresh of The Golden Scarab, along with a copy of the existing cover. Any new design for this book would also flow into refreshed designs for the other books in the series.

Q1 - 2014 rehash - draft Q1 with Award

I’d be pleased if you could give me a bit of feedback by completing my first ever blog poll.

9 thoughts on “Should I refresh my covers for the Quest series?

  1. I totally understand the desire to refresh ones covers, but I love yours and wouldn’t change a thing. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!

    Paul R. Hewlett


  2. Your covers are what caught my eye in the first place. I know they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but if the cover isn’t attractive nobody is going to even look at the book. Your original covers are exceedingly attractive, and I wouldn’t even consider changing them, if I were you. Plus they are so distinctively similar readers know just by seeing them that they are all part of the same series, and if they’ve read one, they’ll want to read the other two…. or however many you end up with! However, I DO like the two quotes you cited on your proposed change, but the primary font you used looks much better in the original, so I would consider adding those quotes as your only change, if I were you. Why mess with perfection?


  3. I like your covers. They are bold, eye-catching, and give great hints as to what lies inside. Took me a while to get my head round Mummy, but I like him now!

    I agree with Jax both on fonts and quotes.


  4. I also like your current ones but I would like to add that I prefer the new background image. It’s lighter and brighter so, for me, is more eye catching. But I would keep the fonts and everything else the same.


  5. Ok, it’s been a while since I posted this, so I thought it was about time to let you know how it went. There was an overwhelming majority to leave them as they are. I had no one tell me that they didn’t like my existing covers, so I’ll leave covers as is. Thanks for your comments everyone.


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