TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT – Secret pre-release events

Time Square | The Shift is quietly taking shape and I hope to have more details of its release soon. This book was inspired by parts of the 3rd book in the Quest series, The Fallen Pharaoh, which take place in a truly amazing place known as Time Square.

Time Square is such a wonderful place that I felt it deserved to have a story of its own. The Shift is a terrific adventure about a major period in the history of Time Square. It opens the door to a brand new series of fantastic action-packed adventures, and a whole new set of lovable and heroic characters . I’m very confident that The Shift will become a favourite with middle grade readers, along with their parents, teachers and librarians. I have a whole series of Time Square books already mapped out that will keep readers entertained and thrilled. As with my other books, there are plenty of hilarious moments wedged into the edge-of-your-seat action.

As I head towards the release of Time Square | The Shift , I’ve been racking my brain about how to get readers engaged in the final preparation of the book. I’d love for reader ideas and enthusiasm to create a bit of a buzz before the release.

My first thought was, A reader could win a world trip flying business class to all of the amazing locations from all of my books, with a heap of spending money.

Great idea, I thought.

So I sat down and decided to crunch the numbers. Surprisingly, it was going to be a bit expensive for me to fund.

Hmmm, a bit more thought is needed, I thought.

Then, after some more thinking, chocolate, ice cream and a bloated nap, I came up with some very exciting ideas that even I’d be able to do before the launch.

Want to discover what I have in store?

Hover your mouse over each portal door below to reveal the secret messages.

You’ll need to read fast though, secrets don’t hang around for ever.

Cover designName a characterReview a free ARC

Are you interested?

Well, you’ll need to keep watch on my blog for each secret event. If you already follow my blog, then you’ll get an email at the time. But if you’re not currently a follower, you’ll need to FOLLOW MY BLOG in the upper right hand section of this page, then you’ll be sure to get an email.

Until then, STAY STRONG and STAY CALM.

While you’re here, please check out my edge-of-your-seat adventure series by clicking the pic below.Q1 Q2 Q3

20 thoughts on “TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT – Secret pre-release events

  1. I’d be very happy to go through Portal C for you, Steve. It also occurs to me that last year a few of us had new books out all at the same time. Is anyone interested in sharing plans by email to see how we can co-ordinate better this year?


    1. Yep… I’m back. Yay!!
      The covers for the Quest series are staying the same. Luckily no one told me they didn’t like them.
      Start training for Portal B & C, Honie. You’ll want to be at your best when I post them.


    1. Glad to have you participate in as many as you like. Maybe some of your class may want to have a go too. This new series is a spin-off of sorts from part of The Fallen Pharaoh. I had so much more to say about Time Square than I could include in The Fallen Pharaoh.
      Next cab off the rank for me is book 4 of the Quest series. I’m still playing with a title but it could be called The Missing Link.


  2. Okay, Steve. You need to send me some of your creative marketing ideas! Or, I’ll send you my latest manuscript and you tell me how to go about it! Love the portals. I like B and C. I agree about getting together for a big release party. I hope to have my next released later this year!


    1. Haha LOL. I try my best. We’ll see how it all goes. My other idea is a bit tougher. I have to somehow get this on Ellen. LOL.
      Glad that you’re keen on portals B and C…. keep an eye out for the posts.


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