TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT released today + giveaway

After the long journey from idea to publishing, today marks the day that my new series, TIME SQUARE, is launched on Kindle.

TS - The Shift - Final CoverTIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT is the first book of this great new series, which is a mix of my trademark time-travel adventure, packed full of tension, fun and mystery. This one has plenty of great quirky characters, which I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with, and there is a generous serve of humor thrown in as well.

What’s it about? I hear you ask …


There’s more to time than ticks and tocks.

Imagine this. Your dad is a part-time archaeologist who has a tendency to discover things. One day, he comes home from an expedition with a crusty old relic, and dumps it in the basement. You’d probably think everything would be fine and dandy, but that’s where you’re wrong. Because that’s precisely when all the trouble started.

It’s 1930, and Lewis and Eva Hudson are a couple of twin teens with just such a dad. Then, on a chilly wintry day in Washington D.C., the three of them mysteriously disappear into thin air, without a trace. Throw in a weird and mysterious rival with a point to prove, add a looming disaster that threatens to break time itself, and pretty soon they’re smack bang in the front seat of a roller-coaster to doomsville.

Time Square | The Shift is an edge-of-your-seat time-travel adventure that’s full of action and plenty of humour. It’s sure to leave you begging for a breather. Join Dr Rex Hudson, his two teen kids Lewis and Eva, and a whole cast of wonderful and wacky characters as they try to fix the unfixable.

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The initial release (9th April 2014) is via Kindle from Amazon, so that means you can read it on Kindle or download the free Kindle App and read it on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

TS1 - eBooks

Click your preferred link below to grab yourself a piece of history.

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Click above to grab the free Kindle App if you need it.

TS1 - paperbackstackIf you’d prefer to read the paperback edition, it’s coming soon (June 2014).

Please click the books to register your interest and be amongst the first to know when it’s available.

Want to win yourself 1 of 3 Kindle editions?
Click below to enter my exclusive giveaway.


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12 thoughts on “TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT released today + giveaway

  1. Wow! Those are fantastic graphics, and a cool sidebar too! I must pay more attention to these things 😉

    Good luck with the book, Steve 🙂


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