Check out my Extreme Makeover…

Well, as I warned a number of days ago, I have decided to give the Quest series of books an Extreme Makeover. Hopefully the new covers are more kid friendly and a better fit to the book’s readers.

Please check out the newbies below (click them for a closer look).
Personally, I love them and think they feel bright and fresh. I even think that I may have successfully channelled that movie poster inspiration that I mentioned in my recent post.

CLICK FOR A CLOSER LOOK  Q2 paperbackbookstanding 2014  Q3 paperbackbookstanding 2014

It’ll take a little time for the new designs to filter through to all retailers, but hopefully not too long. You may also see some old and new covers around my sites until I’ve swept through and changed them to the new ones. I’d love to hear what you think of the new covers (be kind 🙂 ).

Also, today I’ve launched a separate site for the Quest series
which can be accessed from the main menu by clicking
Or, just click here to jump over for a peek, and please
follow the new site while you’re there.


8 thoughts on “Check out my Extreme Makeover…

  1. They are spectacular and adorable. I would love to have these on my bookshelf. Cover art is very important to me and though I’m not a youngster anymore, I still read a lot of young readers books. Congrats. They are fabulous.


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