Special Offer | TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT – Limited time only

TS - The Shift - Final CoverTo celebrate the looming launch of TIME SQUARE | UFO, which is book 2 of my TIME SQUARE series, I’ve decided to offer TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT (Book 1) for FREE on Amazon for two days only (6th-7th Sept 2014).

So, if you haven’t had a chance to read TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT yet, then this is the perfect opportunity.

Pssst … If you do decide to take advantage of my special offer, please consider leaving a short review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository or Goodreads. It would be very much appreciated.


| It’s a special offer that I don’t plan to repeat |

And now for some further breaking news…


Great News !! TIME SQUARE | UFO is now available for pre-order from Amazon at a special introductory pre-order price of just $0.99. Click the button to pre-order your copy now.


Then, jump over to my TIME SQUARE site for more exciting details about my popular TIME SQUARE series.

2 thoughts on “Special Offer | TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT – Limited time only

  1. Oh nuts! I’m sorry I missed the free days. The flu had me down and out since last week. I’m a slow hopper on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. So sorry Steve. I hope it went well and congrats on your new book. Exciting times!!


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