How to nab some last minute adventure for Xmas

Ok, so Christmas is looming and you’ve done enough shopping to last another year. But there are some people who are impossible to buy for. “If only I could think of something quick and easy, all my gifts would be sorted,” you say as you grab another chocolate.

Well, lucky for you I’m here with a brilliant idea that’s quick, simple and low-cost. It’ll last forever and you can arrange it from right where you’re sitting now. Here’s my idea…

Give someone an adventure.

It’s easy. Each of my books is full of action and adventure and laughs and great characters and twists and mystery. For less than the price of a coffee you can tick those last people off your list by ordering an e-book and having it delivered by a gift email from Amazon.

It’s never been easier to give the ones you love an adventure that will be with them forever. Click the Buy button below to take the plunge. You’ll love me for it.


TS - The Shift - Final Cover  TS - UFO - Final 2

Buy at Amazon

Have a great Christmas everyone and thanks for all of your visits and comments during 2014.

Xmas balls

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