New Trailer | The Quest Series | S.W.Lothian

The Quest Series has been with me for a long time. I started working through the original concept and overall plotline on 14 July 2008. Then, once I had mapped it out and decided how many parts there would be, and of the plots for each book, I started to write The Golden Scarab, then The Cursed Nile, and The Fallen Pharaoh. I’m currently writing book 4, The Missing Link.

When I released book 1, I created a book trailer for The Golden Scarab, which eventually became obsolete in April 2014, when I redesigned my covers for books 1 to 3.

Finally, I have managed to get around to creating a new book trailer, which covers all of the books in the series (including the final book, The Missing Link, which is due for release later this year).

It gives me great pleasure to share the result with you today. I hope you like it.

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