As I’ve said before, books are always judged by their cover (unless they are a best seller with a huge buzz). There are mere seconds to encourage potential readers to delve a little further. Recently I revealed that I was in the process of redesigning the covers for my TIME SQUARE series. The feedback that I have had so far for my new branding has been very encouraging.

One of my ambitions was to be a graphic designer. It was a path that I never really followed but I still harbor the desire. Designing my book covers has become an exciting part of my writing and is one of the things that I look forward to the most. Without further delay, it’s time to share the results. I hope you like it.

Old vs New

 TS - The Shift - Final Cover  TS1 - eBook cover final - 2016

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Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments, as it will provide a glimpse of how effective the new cover will be. The next cover in line is TIME SQUARE | UFO.

9 thoughts on “TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT | Old vs New

  1. Very nice! Love the steampunk vibe behind the title, and I think the 3D animation characters bring a very specific style that might have turned some kids off from the first cover. Cool comparison!

    Thanks for sharing this with last month’s #KidLitBlogHop – hope you’ll join us again this month!


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