Shirley Link and the Safe Case | Ben Zackheim | Book Review

Ben Zackheim Shirley Link 1Shirley Link & The Safe Case (Shirley Link, #1)

by Ben Zackheim




Middle Grade | Mystery
102 pages
Released 4th July 2012


“I put on my kindest face for the poor man. I even smile a little. Marie slashes her fingers across her neck, telling me to stop with the fake grin. She must think I look creepy again. I keep smiling, though. I need to practice. I have a problem with people thinking I’m mean.”

And so it goes, for Shirley Link. Brilliant, brazen and still a whole year away from her driver’s permit. Sure, she’s only 14 years old and has homework to do, but she’ll put it aside for the right mystery!

Shirley Link’s kickoff adventure pits her against a thief who’s stolen thirty thousand dollars from her school’s safe. Usually, she’d wrap that kind of case up before American Idol. But there’s one intriguing, frustrating detail.The half-ton safe disappeared too!

Shirley must find the culprit quickly, or else her beloved principal, Mr. Reese, will lose his job. As she digs deeper, Mr. Reese looks more and more guilty. Will Shirley save him, or get him tossed in jail?

“This is how it is to be Shirley Link, the best detective in the world if I do say so myself. I can spot a lie like most people spot a zit. I see connections where they hide best. And I get in trouble every time I try to tell people what I do with my free time. Only a handful know about my talent. I prefer to keep it that way.” – Shirley Link. – GOODREADS

Shirley Link is a really good book. Simple as that. It’s written with such a good sense of humor and Shirley herself is absolutely likable, clever, and friendly. She seems to be making quite a name for herself in her hometown as mystery solver, a future Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher, perhaps. Cue the start of a series.

Along with her endearing personality, Shirley has an incredible eye for detail that is her strongest weapon. After all, it’s the detail that always catches the crooks. Reading Shirley was easy. I felt the style flowed and the mystery was revealed at a good pace.

Shirley Link is a Miss Marple of the future, but perhaps not so old and stodgy. Although she has such great skills, I like that she remains grounded and kind.

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3 responses to “Shirley Link and the Safe Case | Ben Zackheim | Book Review”

  1. Sounds like a great series that may appeal to reluctant readers, too. Thanks for adding this one to my reading radar.

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  2. This series is completely new to me. Sounds like an intriguing one. Thanks for sharing. I will check it out.


  3. I love the Shirley Link stories. I’m looking forward to the Black Cat next (which I think is #4)

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