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The past couple of days has brought us another trailer for Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald movie. The movie, due for release  15 November 2018, stars Eddie Redmayne (Newt), Katherine Waterston (Tina), Dan Fogler (Jacob) and Alison Sudol (Queenie).

This second part of the Fantastic Beasts story has of course been written by the wonderful J.K. Rowling (who likes me here) and is bound to be another hit with fans. From what I’ve read about this one, it turns a little darker than the first. Exactly how dark will be answered when we head to theatres in November.

Fantastic Beasts - The Crimes of Grindelwald.gif

We all remember the reveal in FB1 when the face of Grindelwald was revealed for the first time on the platform of City Hall station. The choice of Johnny Depp for the role brought out a lot of opinions as to whether he was the best actor for such a pivotal role, given all that was going on in his private (public) life at the time. Many thought it wasn’t in the interest of the franchise to have him involved.

From what I read today, Johnny made an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con on the same panel as his ex, Amber Heard, who was promoting her own appearance in the upcoming Aquaman movie. Many have voiced their displeasure at this, so maybe there is some level of lingering resentment.  Time will tell as to whether some fans are upset enough to steer away from the movie. I will definitely be going to see this.

Click/Tap below and view the latest trailer to whet your appetite. Enjoy.

My verdict – It looks incredible!


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    Lidia Domingues

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    1. Thanks Lidia. Keep dropping in 🤪


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