Chernobyl | HBO

Over recent months I’ve seen plenty of hype around a show called Chernobyl. Apparently it has become the biggest series around and has filled a void for many a Game of Thrones fan. IMDb has it score as 9.7/10 and Rotten Tomatoes has an amazing 95% rating. Many have described it as the best series ever. That’s a big call.

Chernobyl is a 5 part mini-series by HBO that tells the story of the catastrophe that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 26, 1986. It follows the events of the day and we witness the path to realization that the unimaginable has happened. We see desperation, scrambling, lying, hopelessness, and determination to both hide and find out what happened.

Every moment that passes moves millions of innocent people closer to absolute catastrophe. They say that disaster brings out the best and worst in humanity. We witness both as the events at Chernobyl unfold. The way this story is told is well done.

From the dullness of the color palette of the settings to the attention to detail of Russian life in the 80s. It’s presented in such an understated and convincing way. It wasn’t overdone nor turned into something that forgot what it was trying to do. Chernobyl is a stark reminder of how precariously our planet’s most ‘intelligentinhabitants balance on the edge of self destruction. As wonderful as we humans think we are, the potential for disaster is always only a moment away.

I really did enjoy it and was enthralled til the end. If there was anything I could mention that I found a bit irritating, it would be that they all spoke with British accents. It took until episode 2 for me to accept it wasn’t going to change, but I think it would have felt more authentic if the characters spoke with accents more suited to the setting.

Chernobyl is a riveting series that deserves all of the praise it has received. I hope that the world learns from this tragic event and that time doesn’t erase its lessons from memory. I recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a binge that’s not overly long. At only 5 hours it can be knocked off with ease and will certainly get you thinking.

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