THE SHIFT | The Reviews

TS1 - eBook cover final - 2016

“… When I found out Mr. Lothian was writing another series, I was very happy. I am a fan of his first series – The Quest books … Much like Mr. Lothian’s Quest series, this book is packed with action and humor. I really enjoy his writing style. I think he writes for middle-grade kids very well but all ages will enjoy the story.  …”
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“…Time Square | The Shift is a quick-paced adventure featuring a quirky cast of characters who frequently engage in witty dialogue; an intricate and suspenseful plot that will keep readers turning the pages; and plenty of humorous moments that will keep the reader entertained.  I recommend this series to middle graders who love time travel and a great adventure.  …”
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“… From here on in, we meet a quirky cast of characters, including a secretary highly skilled at alliteration, and The Governor a straight talking matriarch of Time Square who had me giggling every page she entered. … Meanwhile, a bumbling time agent is dragged out of retirement to solve the mystery of who stole the obelisk from the Hudsons, enter James Blonde … I have a feeling he is going to make me chuckle on each page too. …”
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“… Like his previous books in the Quest Series, S.W. Lothian is a master at creating time travel stories. The other[sic] thing I love about his books is that he has the ability to tie adventure, suspense and humor all together in one book. This is definitely the recipe for hooking a middle grade reader. I am so glad I had the opportunity to read and review this book. It is one I will put on my shelves at school and then sit and wait impatiently for the next book in the series. …”
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“… There’s a lot of funny one-liners and quirky characters to keep middle grade readers interested so I suspect that this will be a real hit with the age group, and the content is a refreshing change from the currently popular crop of middle grade books set in contemporary times, and limited to the school/home setting. …”
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“… Despite the fact that I wasn’t in the age group that the book was aimed at, I really enjoyed the story and can see how kids would love it. Poo being flung, people being flung, walking talking statues being flung – such a lot of flinging – it is so much fun. And I can recommend it for kids from age 8 up. … Above average. Was very readable and I really liked it …”
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“… Time Square/The Shift by S.W. Lothian is a fascinating story with a lot of suspense, mystery, and adventure. … The book has lots of adventure, intrigue, whimsy, and humor that will excite young readers and keep them glued to the book. … There is some wonderful imagery, too… The book is engaging and the time travel theme will keep readers fascinated. …”
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