It’s cover time!

My draft design for 'Quest One. The Golden Scarab' cover

Well, over recent days I’ve managed to sort all of my formatting based on the Kindle guidelines and I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy with the look of the Kindle file and how the book will look on an eReader.  I had no major issues so my experience with Word over the years seems to have paid off.

A lot of my time has also been spent in sourcing and researching software that I can use to make the all important cover for my book.  After a lot of reading and watching some helpful hints on You Tube I’ve taken the plunge and created my cover.  I used which is a free software package that has some great features and I purchased some stunning royalty free pictures for use from

I’ve managed to put together a cover that combines a number of pictures into something that I think provides a teasing glimpse into the book – one that will hopefully hook potential readers to investigate further, and hopefully buy my book.

I’d be pleased to have some feedback on how I went.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about my post … seriously!

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