Uploaded ….. eBook launched.

The final book cover.

Well…. after a long road I’ve finally uploaded my first novel to Amazon. I have mixed emotions … excited … cautious … humbled … nervous … and so on.

What if people love my story? What if people hate my story? What if …. What if …. What if?

As I always say, nothing ventured nothing gained.  If you don’t give something a go you’ll never know what may have happened.  Naturally I’m super nervous at the feedback from readers.  In the perfect world everyone will love the story and be enthused to read the next one when it’s published. But in reality everyone has different opinions so there’s bound to be some that aren’t too thrilled.  I’m hoping that this will be a very small minority.

My whole reason for writing is to share ideas from my head and introduce them into the lives of others.  To provide an escape for the children that read the book to a place where they can imagine all sorts of things.  In my wildest dreams the books will be a success and make many children find the joy of reading.  One can only wait and see.

In my preparation for this day I’ve been hooked by a fantastic blog written by David Gaughran ( http://davidgaughran.wordpress.com/ ) which has given me so much information and the inspiration to get me over the line ….. and to remind me that I can do it if I set my mind to it.

Now I’m published … next step is some sales and hopefully some happy readers.

My book can be found at:


2 responses to “Uploaded ….. eBook launched.”

  1. I love the cover to your new book, since I’m new to WordPress, I’m finding it difficult to find my way around on my iPad (it’s just not cooperating!) and I couldn’t respond to your comment you left me. I was trying to post this: Not a dumb question at all, swlothian 🙂 I’ve read and reviewed books of my own choosing for years. But since I’ve had a few requests I thought I should have a space of my own to post them in. Then again, it’s a new year and we’ll see how long I can keep it up! Thanks for the comment!

    Good luck with your book, I know it can be difficult in the market out there!
    Jenn 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment Jenni I’m pleased that you like the book cover, I designed it myself.
      I’m new on here too so it’s a steep learning curve. I’ve joined Goodreads as well so I guess you could say I’m multi skilling.
      Thanks for the luck I’m sure it will be a challenging road ahead, but I like to teach my kids to reach for the stars.
      Hopefully you may read my book one day and enjoy the story.
      Good luck with your reviewing.


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