Book Review – Goodreads and Amazon – 4 Stars

The Golden Scarab**** 4 stars – Saving History, Saving the World

January 30, 2012
By Mallory Supernatural Aficionado (Montezuma, GA)

This review is of: Quest One. The Golden Scarab (The Quest Series) (Kindle Edition)

An immediate plunge into danger and distress gets the book off to a fine start, capturing readers’ interests while we sit with heart in mouth, waiting for the outcome. Poetic imaging accompanies a rapidly-paced plot. The twelve-year-old protagonist, JJ Sterling, is an imaginative boy who spends quite a bit of time thinking about the world, and the Universe beyond; about those who lived centuries ago, and of leaving a legacy for the future. He’s rather advanced in this for his age, perhaps, but it also foreshadows his eventual purpose in the novel.

No one, least of all JJ, could have guessed that visiting his father, a Senior Curator at a Museum of History, would result in an encounter with an animated statue possessed by Anubis, Ancient Egyptian god of the Underworld-nor that JJ himself would be called upon to travel throughout time in order to combat the evil, world-dominating plans of the god Seth-and if JJ and his friends cannot succeed in halting Seth’s intent, their own modern world will be engulfed in the evil of this Ancient Egyptian deity as well!

I really enjoyed the descriptive settings in this story, as the author demonstrated a fine poetic turn of voice, and this brought the locales to vivid life for me. Author Lothian skillfully introduces much information about Egyptian history, theology, hieroglyphics, and culture, so that readers absorb new data while enjoying the story.

The author states in his dedication that this book was written for his children, and it reads to me much like listening to a father reciting a story at bedtime. It has that kind of warm and cozy feeling. It would be well suited as a story read to children at bedtime, or read to them to encourage both reading, and an interest in history.

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