Review of ♦ THE GOLDEN SCARAB (Quest #1) ♦ by S.W. Lothian – 5 Stars

***** 5 StarsIndiana Jones Meets Enid Blyton and E NesbitThe Golden Scarab

February 6, 2012
By Jennifer Moss (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)
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This review is from:
Quest One. The Golden Scarab (The Quest Series) (Kindle Edition)


Quest One: The Golden Scarab…where does one start? It’s like Enid Blyton, E Nesbit and Indiana Jones all rolled into a 200 page story! I only wish I had children so I could read this to them chapter by chapter at bedtime. Three children, one of which is a virtual stranger from a far away land, gain an interest in history once this magical tale of time travel takes them to Egypt during the era of Pharaoh’s reign. Only the pure of heart can make it through the booby traps that are set throughout their adventure to find and return the golden scarab to its rightful owner.

Some of my favourite parts that occurred before the time travel escapade begins are: the slight reference to JJ’s father driving like Mr. Bean; and the fact that the Sterling family almost never gets to eat dinner as Mum’s cooking is so horrible (reminiscent of my Mum’s cooking, although slightly less edible in the book). Once the three children are in Egypt there are many places where I either giggled out loud (boiled cabbage??? Ewwwww!) or sat on the edge of my seat. It was one caper after the next, what with fighting Uberdiles, being saved by a transforming kitty, moving semi-blindly through a horrifying maze, and the nerve-wracking move through the room with pouring sand and a bottomless pit!

Lothian has created an awesome adventure for young and old alike. I honestly can’t wait to see where this time traveling trio will end up next! Bravo!!

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