The Evolution of a Dream

Born in Perth, Australia I grew up in a normal suburban environment.   As an imaginative kid I dreamed of creating exciting worlds and funky characters, and thought I’d be the most famous person to ever do this.   I loved to draw and always wanted to be an animator.   My friend and I would make our own comic books – they kept us entertained and out of trouble.   I absolutely loved all cartoons and my ambition was to become one of those who created cool characters and stories by hand.   The plan was in place – this was the perfect way to express my imagination to others.

But, as there weren’t a lot of opportunities for world famous animators in my home city this dream was parked and the corporate world beckoned.   Now that I’ve done the corporate thing for over 25 years I find my childhood dreams are still bubbling away – waiting to be released.   I have a wonderful wife and two fantastic kids that inspire me, and I write children’s fiction whenever I have the chance.   When I write, it’s for my kids.   I write stories to excite them, inspire them and teach them.   Stories with awesome edge-of-your-seat action and adventure scattered with a bit of fun.   Stories to unlock untapped parts of their imagination.   Stories to open their minds to new worlds.   Stories that let me and other adults remember the dreams of our own childhood.   Stories that I hope they can pass to their kids with pride.

My dream has evolved over the years, from super cartoonist – to corporate soldier – to proud parent – to children’s writer.   And now, as a parent there is another level – to be a role model for my kids.   To show them that they can make their dreams come true.   To show them that if they give things a go they can make a difference.   It’s all about dreaming – it’s all about trying – it’s all about daring to try.

Now with the onset of the ebooks these stories can escape to be unleashed onto the wider world and I hope that they become favourites for many kids.   In my wildest dreams my books will be extremely successful, but we’ll see how they go.   A waterfall starts with a trickle, let’s hope my books are my waterfall.

I hope that those who choose my books enjoy my writing and that you find yourself happily immersed in the world I have created, and I sincerely thank you for lending me your mind.

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