Review – The New Death and others

The New Death and others
by James Hutchings – 4 Stars ****

When the author asked me to review The New Death and Others I was quite chuffed.  I’m not normally one to review books but I thought it was a great time to start.  The genre of this book isn’t really what I would seek out to read, so it was going to be out of my normal comfort zone.

The New Death and Others is a collection of short stories, very short stories and poetry.  The subject of these tales is quite dark at times.  I have to say that some of them left me a little cold – meaning that I read them and at the end my thoughts were ‘What was all that about?’.  But on the other hand many of them showed me a completely different way of looking at things. I liked the clever way that Hutchings uses Death, Destiny, Fame and many others as characters – certainly a different spin.

The author has a talent to look at everyday things and present them in a completely original way – and as you read – if you look behind the words you can pick up the hidden messages in the stories.

I see these stories as a very original way of reflecting on the norms of society.  This can provoke the reader into personal contemplation about ourselves and how we live.

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