Universal Studios Singapore – Part 1 – Madagascar

We’ve just returned from a holiday to Singapore and I thought it was a great subject to fuel some blogs.

Madagascar - The awesome ship
Madagascar – The awesome ship

First cab off the rank is Madagascar.  This Universal Studios Singapore zone is based on the highly popular Madagascar movies (I’m a huge fan of these types of animated movies).The first thing that you notice when you enter Madagascar is the huge impressive ship that forms much of the zone and dwarfs the surrounding buildings.  Those familiar with the movie will know that our zoo friends find themselves on a ship which ends with them marooned on the island of Madagascar.

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure
Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

The main ride in this zone is ‘Madagascar: A Crate Adventure’.  As a rider, you find yourself in a small boat with a dozen or so fellow travelers.  Your boat glides into the side of the huge ship and you are transported into the movie.  It’s a great ride that takes you through various scenes with excellent effects, soundtrack, and detail.  All along the way, the stars of the movie keep you posted on what’s happening.  It reminds me of ‘It’s a Small World’ but without the constant chorus that those who have been there would know all too well.

My family loved the ride and so did I – It brings the movie to life.


Although the weather was quite hot and humid we were fortunate that there weren’t any long lines at these attractions (5 minutes each time we rode) and the air-conditioned rides gave us much-needed refuge from the heat.  We seem to have fluked a couple of non-peak days.

The Madagascar zone also has a great carousel ‘King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round‘ (my daughter loved this but the crate ride was her favorite) which sees you hitch a ride on the backs of all your favorite characters from the movies.  The zone also includes the usual fantastically themed souvenir and food venues.


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