Universal Studios Singapore – Part 3 – The Lost World

The next zone that we enjoyed on our visit was The Lost World. This had a great jungly theme and had some great things to see. There are two main attractions in The Lost World zone – ‘WaterworldandJurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Discovery Food Court - Dinosaurs

The Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure’ ride is great – but be warned you will get wet.  It’s a bit different to the ones that we have been on at Universal Studios in Florida and Hollywood – both of which are boat rides.  This one in Singapore is more of a tube ride.  Nine brave people are belted into seats that are set onto a round tube – similar to the ‘Grizzly River Run‘ ride at Disney’s California Adventure.

At first, the tube calmly meanders down a windy river … but as with these rides, there is more drama.  You find yourselves bouncing over rapids after a ‘flood’ has occurred and you are soon soaked by bubbling splashes of water. Along the way you encounter many dinosaurs, some of which are friendly and some which are not so friendly. Once you have passed the upturned tube of previous riders you find yourself inside a long dark winding tunnel – unsure of what will happen next.

Soon you are at a dead-end and the doors close behind you before your whole tube is lifted up out of the water towards a giant hungry dinosaur head above you. But just in time the doors open and you spill out and down a waterfall.  By this time you are very wet from all the splashes and the water spitting creatures. A great ride.

The drying pods after the Jurassic Park River Adventure - $5 to dry yourself
The drying pods after the Jurassic Park River Adventure – $5 to dry yourself

Other Attractions

Another ride that we enjoyed was Canopy Flyer, but I have to say that my young daughter backed out at the last-minute. On this ride you sit (legs dangling) underneath a rail to get a bird’s eye view over the tops of the forest trees.  I have to admit it was faster than I expected (I was expecting a leisurely flight) and the end of the ride has some twists and turns that I didn’t expect.  This is a short ride, but a fun ride.

This zone also has a small kiddie ride ‘Dino-Soarin’ which we didn’t check out.  The ‘Discovery Food Court’ is a cool place to escape the heat and has two life-size dinosaurs out the front – great for some memorable photos and the kids can run under the water fountains to cool off.


Waterworldis a show based on the movie which includes water, stunts, explosions, and drama.  We didn’t watch the show this time as we had already seen it at Universal Studios Hollywood, and to be honest, it doesn’t do a lot for me.  For those who haven’t seen it make sure that you make the time, there is a great climax at the end. Forgot to take a picture, sorry.

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