Universal Studios Singapore – Part 6 – Hollywood & New York

As you enter Universal Studios Singapore you are transported into the Hollywood zone.  This area is the equivalent of Main Street at Disneyland.

Universal Studios Singapore - Hollywood
Universal Studios Singapore - Hollywood

Hollywood is essentially a street of souvenir shops and restaurants and is where we do our last minute souvenir shopping on the way out of the park, rather than buying early and carrying it all day. An attraction in this zone is Monster Rock which is a stage show in which you are entertained by rock-n-roll monsters. The show is quite enjoyable and at one stage the performers come out into the audience – they high fived my daughter which she thought was exciting.  When hunger or thirst called we chose to eat at Mels’ Drive-in which is your classic 1950s style drive-in diner complete with retro booths and cars parked at the door.

The next zone is New York with aims to replicate the streets of, you guessed it, New York.

Universal Studios Singapore - New York
Universal Studios Singapore - New York
Universal Studios Singapore - New York
Universal Studios Singapore - New York

The detail in the buildings is great and there are many New Yorkish touches great for photos.  The main attraction here is Lights, Camera, Action in which Steven Spielberg hosts a show that lets you in on some of the secrets of movie effects as a hurricane hits New York city.

This zone also has a couple of great and tasty restaurants in which you can replenish your energy.

One of the great things about this park is that they have cleverly catered for the weather (which is humid and rainy – it only rained one day during our whole stay though).  The streets of Hollywood, New York and Sci-Fi City are all covered with a very high roof (see Hollywood photo) which keeps out the hot sun and the rain.  This clever design also reduces the temperature by about 5 degrees. It’s a very smart design.


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