How do we slow this world down?

If you are like me, you have a life that seems to get faster and busier each day. It’s ironic that in a world where we have so many things that save us time, why is it that we seem to be losing time?

There comes a time when we need to sit back, take a look, and smell the roses. I thought it may be a good idea to see what you think about the ever increasing pace of life. So, here is a question for you all.

How do we slow this world down?


4 responses to “How do we slow this world down?”

  1. It’s a good question–the more we try to keep up with it the faster it seems to go. I just try to appreciate every moment, including the mundane and every-day stuff. That’s about all I’ve come up with so far.


    1. That’s a good start.


  2. These days I feel like I can barely keep up with the pace of it all! It’s not only the days and weeks that fly by but, for me, the entire year has disappeared into the past at lightning speed 🙂 My daughter was only in year 1 yesterday (or so it seems) but in less than six weeks her school year will be finished! If you can find a way to slow it all down, please let me know as I feel completely exhausted at the moment! Could do with a break 😉


  3. LOL … Blink, and the kids grow another year. Same story with mine.
    I’m trying to find the magic time-machine that we can use.
    I’ll keep you posted if I find it.


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