A Year at Disney

My family and I are such a Disney fans and we love the times that we have been able to visit the parks (even though they are a world away from where we live in Australia).

I was thrilled to stumble across this excellent video on YouTube and thought it would be great to share, Well done to the creator.

5 thoughts on “A Year at Disney

  1. That was a fun video — thank you for sharing! So interesting, to see the crazy pace of the park juxtaposed with the slow moving camera during the time lapse. I watched it without volume, which was very nice. Since you know so much about the parks — do you have an opinion on what a good age is for a child’s first visit?


    1. I’m glad you liked it. My son was 2 and daughter was 3 on their first visits. They don’t remember the detail of those first visits but loved it at the time and we have great videos and photos. I’d say that over 5 they remember more details and they really get into it. I think 2 would be the minimum though.
      We would go more often if it wasn’t so far away. it’s such a fun place for kids. As they grow older they can go on more rides too.
      I remember another excellent video of Disneyland Paris – I think I’ll track it down and post it as well.


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