A change is as good as a holiday!

Well ….. you know the saying “A change is as good as a holiday.”
In my opinion (just between you and me), a holiday is much much much much much better.

My mind is forever creating stuff, and whenever I finish something I can’t help but look at it again and again, and try to find ways it can be improved. It’s so hard to resist and I have fallen victim to this phenomenon once again.

Now that I have released the first two books of ‘The Quest Series’ I thought it may be a great idea to rework the covers. Call it brilliant, or crazy, you choose. There are two possible outcomes here. The first one (the one that I am fond of) is that new covers will be wildly successful in unleashing the series to the world. They will be so awesome that anyone who sees them will be unable to resist the urge to get a copy and read the stories.
The second (the one that I am least fond of) is that the new covers will have no impact at all, and that potential readers won’t even notice.

Looking at the only two possible scenarios above, I can see that there is no end-of-the-world consequences that should stop me from trying. So, I have taken the plunge and am now ready to unleash the new book covers for ‘The Quest Series’.

Sit down, take a breath and behold them.

The Quest Series - New covers
The Quest Series – New covers

Well, there they are. Now you’ve seen them, I’m hoping that you are under the spell of their splendour and that your next step is to get copies for your kids ( and you) to read and enjoy.

Both books are now available at Amazon and Kobo and they will be available at some other exciting places soon.

6 responses to “A change is as good as a holiday!”

  1. Hey, I like these. 😎 What did you use to create those awesome new covers?


    1. Thanks Honie, I used Paint.net. Over recent months I’ve given myself a crash course and learnt some great techniques which I’m quite pleased with.


      1. Cool. Oh, crash courses are my favorite! Maybe I should check it out. Book sales are SOOO SLOW, I’m not sure if even a fresh cover would make a difference. Of course, the cover is how a book is judged…..right? : )


  2. Give it a try…. what have you got to lose?
    My theory is that the cover is the first impression – just like a cake. We are more inclined to dive in to eat one covered in cream, chocolate and strawberries rather than a bit of cake on a plate. The cake still tastes awesome, but the garnish helps the appetite. 🙂


  3. The covers are awesome.


    1. Thanks 😄 Your thoughts are appreciated.


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