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World Vision - Loth
World Vision – Loth

I first posted this in March and thought it was time to repost.

When our first child arrived 11 years ago my wife and I decided that we should make a difference to the life of someone less fortunate. After all, we had a beautiful healthy baby that had a great future here in Australia, a lucky and free country.

We had always admired the work of World Vision as it strived to make a difference to the world of children who were born into a life of poverty.This was the perfect way to make a difference to someone.

We chose a young boy in Tanzania named Loth to be our sponsor child – his age was very similar to that of our own new baby. That way we thought that they would both grow up ‘together’ although separated by distance.

World Vision - Aizack
World Vision – Aizack

When our second child was born we wanted to do the same thing.  In a coincidence of timing we received a letter from World Vision advising us that the work in Loth’s village had reached its goals and the village was now self-sufficient and the children were attending school.  This meant that our sponsorship was no longer needed for Loth.

They requested that we continue to support them by sponsoring a new child.  That is when we started to sponsor Aisack and we continue to support him to this day.  We send him (as we did with Loth) christmas and birthday cards and photos, and every so often we receive an updated photo or a small drawing from him.  It’s great to see them growing up over the years and to know that we have done our little bit to help.

I’m sure that once his village can survive on its own we will sponsor another child.  It’s something that we have done for 11 years now and I can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t continue this well into the future. We have often discussed that if we ever had the means we would love to go to Tanzania and visit our sponsor children.

I’m not affiliated with World Vision in any way, except that I am a sponsor as mentioned above.  As a sponsor we contribute a modest amount every month that is used to fund programmes in the village of our child to teach them how to become self-sufficient and to educate the children.  If everyone did this then we could make such a difference to so many lives.

If you want to know more about the work of World Vision click the links.



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