Kid’s Review by Paige – The Sisters Grimm (by Michael Buckley)

Great Middle Grade ReadsI’m the moderator of a fantastic group on Goodreads called GREAT MIDDLE GRADE READS. This group has a forum that provides a tool for real kids to read and publish their very own reviews of middle grade books.  Who better to review middle grade books than the kids themselves.

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Kid’s Review by Paige

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THE SISTERS GRIMM – by Michael Buckley

4 bookworms

The Sisters Grimm - Book 1
The Sisters Grimm – Book 1 (Check out the whole series)

The Sisters Grimm is one of my favorite books.  It is a series of seven books.  It combines fairy-tales with the real world.  The fairytale characters known as everafters in the book are great characters.  Some evil some nice and others are just plain silly.

The story takes you on the adventures of Sabrina and Daphne trying to stop crime in Ferry Port Landing. Throughout the story the two girls discover more about their family’s past and make some friends.  This book is funny too.  Little jokes and comments from Daphne and pranks from Puck will keep you laughing.

This book has a little bit of everything from mystery to adventure and even some humour. I would highly suggest reading the Sisters Grimm.

Thanks Paige, your review was published as part of the GREAT MIDDLE GRADE READS group’s new REVIEWS BY KIDS initiative.

The rating scale is ‘Bookworms’.

1 = I didn’t like this book
2 = This is an ok book.
3 = This is a good book. I liked it.
4 = This is a great book. I really enjoyed it.
5 = This is an awesome book. I loved it and so will the world.

3 responses to “Kid’s Review by Paige – The Sisters Grimm (by Michael Buckley)”

  1. Love this idea of kids reviewing mid-grade/YA books! Kudos, Paige! Tweeted!


  2. I love the bookworm rating system. Excellent review!! How great it is that you’re giving young readers a forum to share their voice.


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