MG Book Review ♦ That Pet Finder Kid – Catnapped ♦ by Scott Clements ♦

THAT PET FINDER KID – CATNAPPED by Scott Clements ★★★★
Goodreads Blurb

That Pet Finder Kid - CatnappedHave you ever felt your pets are your only true friends? That’s exactly how thirteen-year-old Chet Parker felt every day of his life. After failing at sports, music, and almost everything imaginable, he gave up on ever finding his place in the world. But thanks to an accidental dose of modified dog DNA, things were about to change for Chet. With a new found connection to his six month old dog Zoe, Chet learns that Mr. Fluffy Pants, the cat of the most popular girl in school, has gone missing. Will Chet’s off-the-wall investigative methods drive him further down the social ladder? Or will they lift him up to claim his spot as That Pet Finder Kid?

A delightful detective story, sure to melt the heart of every pet lover.

My Review

Chet is a kid who’s on a journey that can be tough to take.  He’s not part of the ‘in’ crowd and he’s not a great ‘talent’ in sport either.  He’s bullied by kids who are shallow (I hate bullies) and he doesn’t have the confidence to stand up to them. Chet’s best friends are his pets. They love him unconditionally.

Then along comes Douglass, a brainy nerd who is very comfortable with his own self.  He also has a lack of friends, but he sees that as a positive.  He can concentrate on things he enjoys – like robots. These two boys are each others only friends, and as the story goes along their friendship grows stronger. Douglass would have to be my favorite character in the book. He made me laugh plenty of times (Clements did a fine job in capturing Douglass’ personality).  I had visions of the kid with glasses from Wimpy Kid.

The main story hinges around a mysterious missing cat. Heather, the cat’s owner, is the most popular girl in school. And one that causes Chet to be very tongue-tied when she’s around. Chet has a special link with his own pets, and this leads him to unwittingly offer to help Heather find her cat, Mr Fluffy Pants.

I won’t go into more details so I don’t give it all away.

My bottom line is that this is a great book which I found quite refreshing and fun to read. The characters were very likeable – especially Douglass, who was my favourite. I’d definitely recommend this book to both boys and girls, and I’ll be passing it on to my son to read very soon.  Well done to Scott Clements, I’ve enjoyed both of his books.

Take a look at the great book trailer.

2 responses to “MG Book Review ♦ That Pet Finder Kid – Catnapped ♦ by Scott Clements ♦”

  1. I was excited to read it as soon as I read the title. 🙂


    1. It’s definately a fun read. Happy Holidays and thanks for all your visits this year.


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