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Great Middle Grade Reads
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I’m the moderator of a fantastic group on Goodreads called GREAT MIDDLE GRADE READS.  This group is a great place where authors and readers of middle grade fiction discuss and recommend great reads to each other.

Some discussions were on the subject of how great it would be for members’ kids to review middle grade books, as they are the main readers of the genre.  I set up threads to encourage the discussions and gauge how much interest there would be.  Soon enough, there were plenty of members extra keen to get their kids involved in reviewing books, and there were plenty of authors offering free books for the kids to review.

As a result I have started a special topic in the group (MG Book Reviews by Kids) where kids (or their folks on their behalf) can choose from books offered by authors, or submit reviews on any other middle grade books that they already own. I have offered to publish these reviews on my blog so that they can be seen by a wider audience of readers who aren’t members of Goodreads.

So please keep an eye out for the ‘Reviews by Kids’ on here from time to time.

I’m so pleased to be involved in such a great initiative that I hope will
encourage reading by middle graders.


9 responses to “♦ MG Book Reviews by Kids ♦”

  1. This is a great opportunity for tweens and teens! Woot! Will tweet and share! Cheers


  2. Anything encouraging kids to get more involved with reading is a good thing! Please let me know if I can do anything to help out!


    1. Thanks Alan, Will do.


  3. This is a great idea! I’m in!


  4. What a great idea!! Who better to review MG books than middle graders!


    1. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.


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