MG Book Review | Divide and Conquer (Infinity Ring #2) | Carrie Ryan

Divide and Conquer (Infinity Ring 2)DIVIDE AND CONQUER by Carrie Ryan  ★★★★★

Published: November 6th 2012
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Series: Infinity Ring #2

Goodreads Blurb
Dak, Sera, and Riq might be in over their heads when they attempt to stop a Viking invasion!

Hundreds of ships carrying thousands of warriors are laying siege to medieval Paris. The Parisians are holding their own, but the stalemate can only last so long. And that’s bad news — especially since Dak has been captured, forced to work alongside the Vikings while Sera and Riq defend Paris from within. No matter which side wins, the kids lose!

My Review

Divide and Conquer (Infinity Ring #2) is a great story that I liked even better than book 1.  Our heroes, Dak, Sera and Riq return in a great adventure that is full of action, heroics and suspense.

In this instalment the gang find themselves in Paris in 885 at the very time that the Vikings are invading.  Their old foes the SQ are also back again, and having infiltrated the Vikings they are leading them into events that will strengthen the SQ for the future. Our heroes need to find the Hystorian and fix the Break before it’s too late, or it spells trouble for the future.

The main characters develop in this story as they learn more about each other and bonds become stronger. In one instance there was a little romance, which takes an unexpected turn as the passing of time has a huge effect. The search for Dak’s parents is an underlying theme in the story, which does progress within this book. I’m sure that the next books in the series will pick up where this part of the story leaves off.

I found the action scenes were vivid and I could easily visualise the settings and hear the battle cries. Although, the vision of the Berserkergang could leave me scarred for life (read it and you’ll know what I mean :)).  I’m a huge fan of Paris, and after reading this, I’m glad I’ve visited modern Paris, rather what it was like in 885.

My bottom line is that this book is a great read which is better than the first in the series.  I enjoyed the vivid details, action and growth of the characters. I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series.

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13 responses to “MG Book Review | Divide and Conquer (Infinity Ring #2) | Carrie Ryan”

  1. Hey, Steve, I’ve read the first Infinity Ring (A Mutiny in Time), and thought it was a great read. Wasn’t sure where this series was heading, but by the sounds of your review, it’s going in the right direction. Cheers!


    1. Hi Sharon,
      This was a good one, I’ll be continuing the series for sure.


  2. This is probably the third time I’m going to say this (lol), but I’m literally staring at the first book in my bookshelf. Ok, you’ve sold me, it’s moving to my nightstand! 🙂 Thanks for linking your wonderful review in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. 🙂


    1. Heheh ….. so how many are on the nightstand?
      Thanks for hopping by.


  3. Great review Steve and we can’t wait for the Fallen Pharaoh….


    1. Thanks …. I enjoyed the book and will probably buy the next one in a couple of months.
      Pharaoh is looming!!!


  4. Great review, Steve. We haven’t read these yet but first, I need to read yours! 🙂
    ~Cool Mom for Stanley & Katrina
    Doing the Kid Lit Blog Hop


    1. There are always more books to read than time to read.
      Great to have you hopping through.


  5. Isn’t it the best when a book you really like just keeps going in a series? That was the best part about Harry Potter. You knew you got to spend so much more time with the characters. Thanks for linking into the KLBH once again.


    1. That’s a great way of putting it “You get to spend so much more time with the characters”
      I’m currently re-reading the HP series and it’s definately like catching up with old friends.


      1. I know the feeling!


  6. I’ve been seeing all kinds of good things about this book. 🙂 I guess that means it’s finally time to put it on my T.B.R. list.


    1. Great idea … there’s always room on the TBR list for one more. 🙂


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