A moment of discovery

I’ve just discovered that when I eat an apple I use my left hand. That’s so odd!!! I’m right handed!

11 thoughts on “A moment of discovery

  1. As written elsewhere, I sprained my wrist about six weeks ago. Things I do left-handed include fill the kettle, open jars, and weirdest – untie knots!


      1. Hmmm I was just eating an apple …. Noticed I had it in my left hand … Then switched hands and found it strange to eat from my right hand …. Then switched back and it all felt so much better.
        Now I think I’m sounding weird too.


  2. I’m a lefty and golf righty. Huh. The things we authors think about. I’m sure we could solve world peace if given the chance! Cheers, and keep eating those apples!


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