Exciting New Invention for Kids of All Ages

I’m uber-pleased to announce that I’ve finally flicked the switch on my newest invention, the paperback edition of TIME SQUARE | THE SHIFT. It’s now available for purchase at some excellent retailers.

I’m guessing that there are a bazillion readers out there who would love the smell and feel of a book printed on real paper, with a really shiny and colourful cover. If that sounds like you, then this is the perfect invention for you.

It’s got everything … it’s shiny, it’s colourful, it weighs something and it smells like a book. I’ve even designed it so that it can stand upright on a bookshelf. Also, at no extra cost, my design also converts your existing non-ebooks so that they can lean against my book on the bookshelf. It’s a marvellous way to store and look after your books.

Here’s a picture of the design. Note its sleek and colourful lines and pointy corners. They give it a sturdy and attractive look and feel.

 TS1 - paperbackbackwardTS1 - paperbackbookstanding

Here’s the view from different angles. Great aren’t they?

TS1 - thickpaperbacklaying  TS1 - stackedpaperbackTS1 - paperbacklaying

I bet you want one. Go on, be honest with yourself. So here’s how to get your hands on my new invention. Click on the links below and you’ll be transported to a wonderful place that will accept your order and post it to you. Without you even needing to get up from your seat. That’s an awesome idea as well (not my own invention though).

Click your preferred link below to grab yourself a piece of history.

a.com_logo_RGB a.co.uk_logo_RGB



PSSST … If you’re a Teacher or Librarian, then I’ve got a special offer just for you. Click here and learn about how you can trial my books before you make your decision to buy.

One response to “Exciting New Invention for Kids of All Ages”

  1. There you go again, showing off your genius. The cover is shiny.


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